November 2014
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Activities on the Hill

One of the great things about McDaniel is all the cool activities the Office of Student Engagement puts on throughout the year. They do a variety of things from bringing comedians on campus to build-a-bear. My favorite events are when you are able to make personalized items. Over the years I have collected several awesome […]

Movies on the Hill

Over the weekend, I had the chance to curl up and watch The Intouchables, a French film about the friendship formed between a wealthy quadriplegic man, Philippe,  and his Senegalese caretaker, Driss. I loved the film; it was fun, upbeat, and at times, poignant, and the characters were phenomenal.

Seeing this French film made me […]

Strange Days Indeed

The last four days have not been entirely typical of my experience at McDaniel College, but they’ll certainly be memorable.

After an evening of fun that involved watching McDaniel’s improv troupe Danger Sauce put on their annual Halloween show and going to Westminster Station for coffee late Friday night to support Advocacy Team’s “Music for […]

Barnabas – Chocolate and Roller Coasters

On Saturday, for the first time in my life, I went to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. Thanks to the Office of Student Engagement here at McDaniel, I was able (and 6 of my friends were also able) to go to Hershey Park for a full day for only $15! Friday night we all went […]

Labor Day Weekend

I guess you could say I had the best of both worlds this Labor Day weekend; I spent Friday evening and Saturday on campus while returning home for Sunday and Monday.

After class wrapped up on Friday afternoon, I went to hang out with my friends in Forlines house, where my one of my friends […]