November 2014
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Free Press witnesses an Orientation to remember

I’ve been back on the Hill for nearly two weeks now, and boy have I been busy! I got to move in about a week earlier than most students so I could help the McDaniel Free Press, our student newspaper. We got permission to come back early so we could get a jump start on […]

Early Move-In

First Year Orientation always begins the Wednesday before classes start, making this year’s Orientation just over a week away! Next Wednesday morning, a few hundred students will arrive at McDaniel College with parents, family members, and other loved ones in tow. By early afternoon, the new first year students will have settled into their new […]

Peer Mentor Time

I have the honor of being a peer mentor for Dr. Wronski’s First Year Seminar about the medieval supernatural for the 2014-2015 school year. This is exciting to me not only because the class seems really interesting to me (as an English major and a fan of the craziness of myths and legends) but also […]

Happy high school graduation! Time to build some bridges!

A lot of you incoming first year students have graduated in the last couple of weeks, and more of you will graduate in the next few weeks. Some of you even had your high school graduation ceremonies at McDaniel if you live nearby.

I want to extend the utmost congratulations to all of you high […]

My Name is Whitney and I Will be Your Guide This Year

Believe it or not, upperclassmen are a big part of the First Year Program. Once you begin filling everything out to start your Freshman year you fill out a questionnaire picking your top three FYS choices. Your First Year Seminar (FYS) is designed to be a class that will prepare you for all other college […]