April 2014
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Hiring New Professors

Hi guys,

I’m not sure how other departments do it, but the political science department likes to get students involved with the process of hiring new teachers. Sadly, a few of our professors are retiring and moving on next year. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend guest presentations given by candidates [...]

Maryland Student Legislature

Hey there,

This weekend, I’ve been away at a Maryland Student Legislature conference at the University of Maryland, College Park. MSL has four conventions a year, and thankfully, most of them are close enough that we can come back to campus for the night, which means that they’re free for us thanks to the funding [...]

PoliSci Simulations

Hey, all!

I’m super excited right now because I’m part of McDaniel’s Model United Nations (MUN) team, and tomorrow we’re going to Boston, MA for the Harvard National MUN. The only time I’ve been further north on the East Coast than Pennsylvania was when I was 8, and I really can’t even remember where we [...]

Jan Term

Hi guys!

These past three weeks I’ve been on campus for Jan Term. It’s flown surprisingly fast, and I’m quite annoyed for time since I was excited to read a lot of books (I recently discovered John Irving, who is the most amazing author on the planet) and play some music and have general down [...]

Model European Union

Hi guys!

Everyone’s gearing up for the start of the second semester next Monday. I can’t believe a semester has passed already. It feels like forever ago that my classmates and I were going through a candle lighting ceremony and being sweet and awkward at the ice cream social on the first day of classes. [...]