October 2014
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Your advisor is your professor

Last week when I was hanging out with a high school friend of mine, I brought up how I was looking forward to having my academic advisor as a professor again for the 20th Century British Literature class I’m taking this fall. I talked about how wonderful she is as an advisor, a teacher, and [...]

The fun in registering for classes

Every year, once each semester, students go through one of the most traumatic and exasperating experiences of college: class registration. Maybe that was an over exaggeration, but most students will complain that this time of year is rough. If it wasn’t hard enough that you have to pick a major and do well in [...]

Farm Field Trip

This semester I decided to mix up my sciences classes with something different so I signed up for a ceramics course. There is no regret in this decision! So far we have had assignments ranging from brownie pans to olive oil bottles. I might not make the prettiest things, but I have a great time [...]

McD Professors Outside of the Classroom

I have had a lot of professor time outside of the classroom this past week. Almost every McD student has their own unique story about what they did with their professor ranging from smoking hookah at their home or babysitting sheep at their farm. I got to add some more stories to my list this [...]

Returning from my quilting bee

Yesterday afternoon, I was gearing up to go back to McDaniel later in the evening, when my mom and sister came back from the fabric store with a few bolts of beautiful fabric. They had decided to follow up on my suggestion that we make a quilt for one of our family friends who is [...]