November 2014
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Some of My Favorite Places on Campus

Everyone has their favorites. That can be favorite people, foods, songs, bands, fish, dogs, etc. Today, I decided to share my current favorite places on campus and some of the reasons they’re my favorite.

The Pole Vault Pit. This one is simply because I’m a pole vaulter, and the days I can sprint down the […]

Election Night at McDaniel

Election night has finally arrived! As today has progressed, I’ve sensed the tension of students of both parties grow; no one knows what’s going down tonight, and everyone wants their candidate to win.

My common room has the news on TV tonight, and I’d have to imagine that countless other TVs on campus are turned […]

My Favorite Meals Around Campus

While nothing will ever be better than homecooking, here are some of my favorite meals around campus.

1. Miss Bobby’s Buffalo Chicken salad

We have a station in Glar where Miss Bobby makes customized hand-tossed salads. Students can either chose from one of her specialties or create their own concoction. I love choosing her famous Buffalo Chicken […]

A Little Place Called Pub

As many will agree, the Pub offers the best food on campus. This is not to say that the food offered at GLAR (Englar Dining Hall) isn’t palatable, just that the Pub’s food is more popular and maybe slightly better in quality since the food is made-to-order. In the past Spring semester they just gave […]

Barnabas – On Tradition

Every school night at 10 o’clock I head down to Old Gill (the original gym) to play some pickup indoor soccer. Often this is my favorite part of the day, when I can finally relax, let loose, and kick some balls! Sometimes only ten people show up; we play anyway. Sometimes 25 people show up, […]