November 2014
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Combining Research

In my experience, final papers and final projects are pretty standard parts of college classes. They take research and hours of organizing and writing in the hope that it’ll be the best it can be. As an English major, I’ve gotten used to writing a lot of papers (such as 9 a semester, which has […]

Psychology Research Opportunities

As you guys all know from my “all about me” blog, I am a psychology major. I find it very interesting and you learn many different aspects of psychology. I was lucky enough to participate in a research project with a professor this past semester! Dr. Morris approached me and another student over the summer […]

Summer on the Hill

There’s a lot that goes on at McDaniel during the summer, and while campus is not full of students, it’s not devoid of students either.

Many students choose to spend some of their summer at McDaniel doing scholarly research in conjunction with their professors. A lot of this research takes place in the scientific disciplines, […]

Senior Seminar

I have discussed this in earlier blog posts, but it’s time for me to really explain about senior seminar. It doesn’t help that it is all I can think about right now as I work on it every spare minute.

For each major on campus, you have a culminating capstone that demonstrates everything you have […]

The Library Reference Desk

The semester has come for me to do my Senior Seminar, or culminating project for my major. For Communication, this means I perform my own study and back it up with lots of research. And that means lots of time in the library.

The Hoover Library is home to over 200,000 volumes of books. Combined with […]