April 2014
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Vegetarianism/Veganism in Westminster

If you’re on a restricted diet, dining options in your college town can play a pretty big role in where you choose to go. For all of my veggie friends out there who are interested in McDaniel, I’d like to give a rundown of good local restaurants. (I’ve also written about vegetarianism on campus: check [...]

Your guide to Asian food in Westminster

I found that living in a suite this past year made life seem a lot like a sitcom sometimes. We always had friends over, and we ate some form of takeout or delivery at least a couple times a month. As a result, I had the chance to try three different Chinese and Asian restaurants. [...]

Surprise parties are the best parties

Today, I had the opportunity to throw a surprise party for one of my best friends on campus, and things turned out great!

Earlier in the week, my friend’s mom, who lives in Boston, called me to ask me if I could pick up a birthday cake from Starry Night Bakery in Westminster and surprise [...]

Local lunches

It seems, when catching up with friends, that protocol is to go out to lunch. I did a lot of catching up over the break, so I bought a fair amount of lunches. I’m also a local student, so I was reminded how many good places to eat are right in town! Here are a [...]

Spring is coming!

Spring break is close, but spring seems even closer! The weather on campus was beautiful this weekend. A small number of students made their way to the quad on both days for some sunbathing and studying and playing catch, and as the weather gets warmer, more students (including me) will join them.

Because the weather [...]