November 2014
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Study Abroad (aka My Summer in Scotland)

Last week I mentioned that I was lucky enough to study abroad in Scotland for two months this summer (although given the recent Indepence Referendum there, I probably should have gone this fall). It was an amazing time that I can’t sum up into a few words, but I’ll try: fun, history, traveling, friends, dances […]

My Summer Study Abroad Classes

I’ve recently received the official paperwork for my study abroad this summer at the University of Stirling, and I got all the classes I wanted! That means I’ll be taking three classes that count for a major/minor, and one history course just for the fun of it. Here they are and why I’m excited for […]

Getting Ready to Study Abroad

For the last few months, I have been working on paperwork (and more paperwork) in order to study abroad this summer.

At least now I know it paid off! They received my payment and I am good to go to The University of Stirling for two months, June 14-Aug 9. I don’t know what classes […]

Learning about Glasgow

You can find a lot of study abroad opportunities at McDaniel, and this evening, I had the chance to find out more about one of them.

The Honors Program here at McDaniel is in a partnership with the University of Glasgow in Scotland that allows McDaniel honors students to be automatically accepted to study abroad […]

A Busy Little Week

Returning to campus from fall break means a return to friends and now-familiar routines. Unfortunately, it also means returning to a fresh batch of homework assignments (and ones put on hold during break). One look at my workload tonight, and you’ll be able to tell two things: that I’m an English major and that I’m […]