April 2014
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The Big One

Since I am an English major, my capstone is approximately a thirty page paper about some theoretical part of language or literature that I find interesting to study and write a large paper on.

I started researching my topic during the fall semester while working at Walt Disney World. Yes, surprise [...]

Preparations for Spring Break

The week leading up to Spring Break always seems like the longest week of the semester. Not only are most students packing up to go home/on vacation but we also have this horrible rain cloud above our heads called “midterms.” In my four years, I have figured out how to conquer midterms…it [...]

Senior Year

As I have said before, I am a senior here at McDaniel College. I am very excited about what the future holds but am also terrified to enter the real world. Fortunately I still have 91 days (yes there is a countdown going on) left in my college career.

Since I am a senior in [...]

Admitted Students

This weekend and last weekend I helped out with something called admitted students day. This is a day when people who were admitted to the college can come get tours, visit with departments, and generally see what the school is all about before making their final decisions. I worked at the study abroad table promoting [...]

Senior Year

Being back at school has been great and also terrifying because now I am a senior! Luckily I had a great summer internship. I would recommend an internship to anyone their junior year. It is a great way to get experience and feel less scared of entering the working world. Plus it looks great on [...]