November 2014
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Being Sick at School

Staying on top of your studies and work-load in college is tough stuff, and nothing makes this more difficult then getting sick.  It doesn’t take long for a virus to spread around campus when we all practically live and eat with each other.  We’re exposed to germs 24/7, and good hygiene can only help so […]

When the Flu Hits, McDaniel Hits Back

Before this week I would never have known what gastroenteritis was, let alone what it could do to a campus! The term “going viral” has never meant more to me than it does now. Beginning on Tuesday night, what McDaniel students have been calling the “McVirus” or simply “The Plague” began infecting students, spreading like […]

The Plague

You probably read enough about it on everyone else’s blogs… but it was a pretty important happening on campus last week so here we go – THE MCVIRUS 2013.

A term that was coined by students and the McDaniel Free Press, it is actually a slight misnomer because we are not the only people to […]

#Glarpocalypse or #McPlague???

Like a wildfire, illness spreads around a college campus like an unstoppable force. Another unstoppable force though is a virus that doesn’t have many cures. And now, thanks to social media, rumors can spread even faster than the truth.

Tuesday night after dinner, far too many people for it to be a regular flu ended […]

Staying Healthy

Getting sick sucks! I spent most of this week either lying in bed hugging my tissue box or in class wishing I was back in bed hugging my tissue box. The common cold has reached McDaniel luckily it’s not as bad as the flu epidemic but its still bringing down even the healthiest of students. […]