November 2014
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Super Bowl and a snow day

Yesterday, as I was scrambling back to campus after an impromptu Saturday home to retrieve a forgotten but important forgotten item, I lamented the fact that whoever chose to put the Super Bowl on a Sunday did not have 21st century college students in mind. Yes, pretty much the rest of pro football happens on […]

Snow Day

Thanks to good old mother nature and it being the middle of winter, campus today has been graced (cursed?) with a snow day. Given the snow swirling outside my window, that wasn’t a bad decision, but that does mean I’m left on a mostly empty campus at a time when I don’t even have that […]

What to do on a snow day?

There are two routes one can take when deciding what to do with a snow day. This is the second snow day given this year, but the first one with enough snow to have all the snow day options. In past years snow has cancelled an entire week of class. Snow days are one thing […]

“And It’s the Best Sledding in Carroll County”

Every time I say it on tour I get a laugh (point for me). The hill on the edge of the golf course on campus is the best place to go sledding. I had reported this fact to a countless number of families that tour McDaniel but I had never experienced it for myself. Tuesday […]

McDaniel Does Snowday

Today McDaniel students are all in hibernation mode since classes have been cancelled and snow has covered the campus in a pleasant, white, 3 inch blanket. All semester we have been waiting for a snowfall decent enough to cancel classes and now that it has finally happened the campus has fallen to an ironic hush. […]