October 2014
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A spring cleaning long in the making

I have never necessarily been inclined toward neatness. In high school, my friends joked that I lived like a nomad, with enough stuff to live on for at least a week strewn haphazardly in the back of my car. My room wasn’t any better; a path leading to the bed was sometimes the only section of carpet [...]

Today is for everyone!

When I was studying in Costa Rica last spring, I learned that Valentine’s Day is in many places viewed as a day to celebrate friendships rather than just romantic relationships. Last year, our host dad bought the three of us who were living in the house cute presents, and my Spanish teacher gave us all [...]

End of the Semester…Fun?

Last day of classes was surprisingly easy for me, even enjoyable. In my Spanish class I took a quick quiz on the final chapter of our textbook and then we ended up just hanging out and laughing with our teacher for another 30 mins before she let us out early. This was a nice end [...]

Flamenco field trip

Each semester, the Spanish department organizes a field trip to Gala, a Spanish theater in DC. This past weekend, we saw a flamenco show! I was excited to go because the theater is in a really awesome part of town with lots of little restaurants and I had never seen a professional dance show before.


Taste of Latin America: El Caribe

Last night was the 6th Annual Taste of Latin America dinner, hosted by the Hispano Latino Alliance (HLA) here on campus. Many of my housemates are in HLA, so I went to support all the hard work they’ve been doing on decorating, selling tickets, and working on song and dance performances for after the meal.