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Some of My Favorite Places on Campus

Everyone has their favorites. That can be favorite people, foods, songs, bands, fish, dogs, etc. Today, I decided to share my current favorite places on campus and some of the reasons they’re my favorite.

  1. The Pole Vault Pit. This one is simply because I’m a pole vaulter, and the days I can sprint down the runway at an inanimate object are always amazing whether or not my actual vaulting was good. It’s peaceful up there, as well, and the ROTC pull-up bars, which we use for high bar workouts when outside, are close by. I may as well put the throwing field, which is on the other side of the softball field, and the track here, as well, since those are also places I associate with track and field.
  2. The Hill Hall Computer Lab. This wasn’t a place I took a liking to until last semester, when I had a class there and joined the Free Press. After that, though, I became really comfortable there, and it’s a great place to work on papers and projects. It also has printers, so there’s no need to go to the library.
  3. Glar. Englar Dining Hall, affectionately known as Glar, is on the list simply because it has food. I’m sure everyone can appreciate the desire for access to food, and unlimited food in one sitting is great. The Pub is a good place to eat, as well, but I’m in Glar more often.
  4. My Dorm. There are a few reasons I like my dorm, no matter what dorm I’m in: it’s where I sleep, shower, watch movies, color, draw, write, read, do homework, and…basically where I do almost everything that can be done there. There are certain things that require me to go to the Hill Lab or the library, but for the most part, I do it in my dorm. Plus, my roommate this year is great. I’m currently in McDaniel Hall and was in Whiteford last year.
  5. The Gym. I almost put this with the other track places, but it’s not quite the same. We do use the weight room for workouts on the pull-up bars and the gym itself for practices indoors, but I also go there to lift and hang out and take Hapkido and all sorts of things, so I can’t categorize it as a “track thing.” It’s just the gym, and I love it.

Welcome to Jan Term

This is my first time on campus for a Jan term, and it’s been really fun so far. I have two classes every day: Presidential Scandals with Dr. Bryn Upton and Hapkido.

Presidential Scandals is proving to be interesting. It’s also revealing all the things I don’t know about the presidents, and how much I don’t like philosophical questions. Even so, it’s neat to see what other people have to say, even though so far, I haven’t entirely figured out what happened in class until a few hours later. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Hapkido is just fun. I have a black belt (not in Hapkido) and am out of practice, so it’s nice to get back into some form of martial art for a while.

The third thing I’ve been up to is track, and that takes up most of my time, to be honest. For instance, today I had an hour long pool practice in the morning and spent three hours at track practice/lifting/running in the afternoon.

Today’s practice was a little special, though. The coach I work with (who also happens to be Dr. Upton) brought in these boot things that can hook to a pull-up bar, allowing one to hang upside down to do core work and inverted squats. It was a bit terrifying, but also really fun, and I’m excited to do it again.

My classes, track, and working are the main components of my plan for Jan Term. The most interesting thing is probably going to be our track meet Jan. 17. It’s the first one I’ll be competing at, so I’m stoked and can barely wait.

The Best of Fall 2013:

I know some others have done a “2013 in review,” but I’m going to join in the fun and share my good experiences from the past semester.

Conversations with Visiting Professors: Last semester, two English professors, Dr. Marjorie Garber and Dr. Carolyn Dinshaw, gave lectures on campus. I went to both. I also had the honors of having lunch with Dr. Garber as well as joining many professors for dinner at the President’s House before Dr. Dinshaw’s lecture, and having Dr. Dinshaw come to my Chaucer class the next day. It’s really neat to meet people that are famous within their field.

Cross Country: I’ve never participated in cross country, but this year I did in order to train for track. I’m not going to lie; it was difficult. I’m in no way used to distance running. However, it was a fun experience and I met new friends, and now I run faster than I ever have before. I stopped training so much the second half of the semester since I was using practices to train for my field events, but I plan to run for distance more often this coming semester so I don’t lose everything I gained while I trained before.

Off Days=Fun Times: Last semester we had some difficulties and a blackout, and I took full advantage of it. My roommate, my friend, and I went out and got glowsticks, which we played with in the dark before bed. It was a perfect time to reduce stress and relax for a while, and that’s exactly what we did. Before it got dark, my friend and I also played in the leaves. There was a lot of snow later in the semester, as well, which was fun to make snow angels and run around in.

Website Design: I took the Multimedia Authoring class, which was a lot of fun. The last thing we did was learn website design, and I definitely enjoyed that. It was amazing to see lines of HTML and CSS transform into pictures and words and everything in the right place, tied together in a nice design. It made me feel extremely powerful to see myself design it, and I definitely suggest taking it if you’re interested in multimedia things, such as videos, Photoshop, and website design.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports at McDaniel are a great way to have fun with friends while feeding a little bit of your competitive side. Literally anyone at McDaniel can enjoy intramural sports – even those who think they are not athletic! I have had several people who had never played a sport before participate on my flag football team and they are the ones who never stop talking about how much of a blast they had.

One reason that intramural sports are so versatile for any kind of student is that there are different leagues within each sport ranging in competitiveness. The most competitive league by far is the Men’s League, but if you are someone more interested in having fun while intimidating a few people in the process than the Coed or Women’s (but now always) League are a better fit. There is also a wide variety of intramural sports to choose from including flag football, outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, basketball, softball, floor hockey, and volleyball. I am currently on a coed volleyball team this semester and looking forward to playing two games tomorrow night. We narrowly lost two games last week so we are hungry for victory!

While there are plenty of t-shirts distributed to students at McDaniel throughout the year, the most coveted t-shirt by far is the Intramural Champion t-shirt. I have witnessed seniors shed tears upon failing to win this shirt at their last opportunity before they graduate. It is not the easiest feat to acquire the Intramural Champion t-shirt and it does require a significant amount of sweat and dedication. As a freshman, I was fortunate to receive the champion t-shirt for winning the Coed Volleyball Championship and have been wearing my t-shirt with pride ever since.


Let the Greek Games Commence!

Monday around 4:30, the opening ceremonies for Greek Week were held on the ANW quad. Each year this tradition serves to commemorate the spirit of interfraternal togetherness and competition. Monday was simple field games like tug-of-war, water bucket relay, hoola-hoop passing, and a crazy relay where one person spins around a bat the runs to a chair and is fed a number of gross things.

Since it was boys against boys and girls against girls, Alpha Sig’s only two competitors were Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Gamma Tau (mostly known as the bachelors). I was surprised, since most of the bachelors are football players are football players and since most of the Phi Kapps have played highly physical sports that we did really well. We won the tug-of-war competition, the hoola-hoop passing competition, the sack race, the wheel barrow race and number of others.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, today was swimming events. At 7 all of the greek organizations gathered in the pool for a number of…interesting challenges. The first two were your typical biggest and smallest splash contests which we placed second and first in respectively. I was lucky that none of the Phi Kapps had anyone as skinny as me for the smallest splash contest. Then the events went on to include a race to gather rings off the bottom of the pool, a regular relay, crocodile wrestling, and even an animal noises challenge.

It has been a lot of fun and Alpha Sig will go into the track and field games of tomorrow leading by ten points and it’s truly an exciting time. Reasons like this are why college can be so much fun. Sure I’ve had to put a few assignments aside to make time for it, but it’s worth it. Who needs sleep anyway?