November 2014
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Spring Break Story…as promised


I promised to tell you all more of a spring break story, so here it goes. On our second day of traveling, we decided to stop by Savannah, Georgia before finishing our drive to Jacksonville, Florida. We had stayed the night near Hilton Head, South Carolina, so it was an easy drive to Savannah. […]

2 months left

This morning I woke up with a text from my mom reminding me that in exactly 2 months I will be graduating college. THIS IS TERRIFYING! I know what I want to do but I have no clue where I want to live which makes things a little bit more difficult.

Anyways, as promised I […]

Spring Time on the Hill

Because I was on campus during break, I got to experience the first day of spring right here at McDaniel. I must say it was amazingly gorgeous. The birds were singing on my way to work. I was so happy that I even sang along. It was like a scene out of a Disney princess […]

“Because I’m Happy” Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014 was a success! My friends and I survived the drive to and from Jacksonville, Florida! We went to the beach, toured around Florida, and enjoyed the warm weather! Sadly, we did not have all sunny days, but we did get to venture around St. Augustine, which is an awesome town filled with […]

Spring Break 2014

Spring break is coming to an end which means I have class tomorrow. Although I love all of my classes and am really enjoying them this year, it is hard to go back after an amazing week in Florida.

This spring break, 4 of my friends and I packed up a car and drive 12 […]