October 2014
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In Search of Spring

Spring has arrived! Well, officially that is. While people all across the Mid-Atlantic are out getting free Rita’s Water Ice to celebrate the occasion and the weather where I am is quite pleasant, it still doesn’t seem like spring yet. I’m still wearing thick socks with snowflakes printed on them and things are still looking [...]

Weather on the Hill

McDaniel students were teased with warm 60+ degree weather earlier this week, only for Thursday to roll around and hit us with harsh gusts and bitterly cold temperatures.  I for one am not happy with this.  On Tuesday, when it was sunny and beautiful, I took celebratory measures and cut up a pair of my [...]

Allergy Season

One of the most difficult things about spring is allergies. If I could find a way for allergies to not exist, I would. They are painful and awful. I have noticed this spring, however, that far more people are struggling than I have ever seen before. People are sneezing, sniffling, and going through tissues at [...]

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and fling has flung… wait what am I talking about? Spring Fling! Every year we celebrate spring with a day of fun and joyous partying. It is lovely. I like to think of it as a last day off before I buckle down and do some hard work. It’s a great way [...]

Just a Walk

There is nothing like spring for getting people out and about. Today I went on a beautiful walk around Westminster. It is easy to forget what a nice town it is when holed up for the winter. I also was able to see some parts of Westminster for the first time.

Not only did I [...]