August 2014
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Past Spring Breaks

With spring break just a week away, I thought I would talk about my past spring breaks! I have had some pretty great adventures the last three years. For my freshmen year, I ended up just going home, but it was exactly what I needed. I was able to spend some quality time in the [...]

Spring Break past adventures

As spring break comes around the corner, I keep thinking about my amazing trip last year to the Dominican Republic. This trip was organized by the school and was technically considered a “Jan-Term”, but we went in March. A group of students who have taken over three courses of ASL were able to travel down [...]

Study Abroad Friendships

Today is one of my good friends 21st Birthday. We met while we were studying abroad together and really got along and spent a decent amount of our time together. Hence why I am writing about study abroad friendships.

When you decide to study abroad you make the decision to leave what you know here [...]

Spring Break Count Down

Some of you may be shocked but I am already counting down the days until Spring Break. This isn’t because I am not enjoying classes or because I don’t like school. I am counting down the days for one single reason: I LOVE warm weather.

Yes this goes back to me being a California girl [...]

Budapest and the Snow

As many of you know McDaniel is having its second snow day this week! There are several things to do on a snow day such as having a snow ball fight, making a snow man, go sledding, or staying in and watching movies. All of these are enjoyable but they make me miss the city [...]