October 2014
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Best Study Spot on Campus

I think perhaps the hardest thing for me this year has been finding a really great spot to study. Last year, I used to study on the entry floor of the library with friends, but as much as I love my friends, I never get any work done when I am around them. Hence, my [...]

Hidden Library Stories

When you stay in the library for long periods of time, you start noticing things other than books. If the mood strikes me, I will take roaming study breaks through the first and second floors. Something I had never noticed before is how much art there is in the library.

With my nose in my [...]

My Favorite Places to Study

For the most part, I do homework in my room. Everything I need is there, so there’s no chance I’ll forget anything, and I can sit on my bed, spread my stuff out, and work.

The only problem is that if I don’t need internet for my homework, I usually end up on Tumblr without [...]


Just like many of you I am not the biggest fan of studying but it’s one of those things that we all have to do. For me, finals week is always the worst but midterms week is still pretty bad. This year I have two tests this week for midterms and I already took one [...]

An Intercultural Case Study

As a culminating project in my Intercultural Communication class, we were required to interview someone who’s originally from another culture and have them talk about their experiences and compare their culture to America. After writing a paper summarizing what they said, we also were to present to the class about our person and their culture.