November 2014
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Best Study Spot on Campus

I think perhaps the hardest thing for me this year has been finding a really great spot to study. Last year, I used to study on the entry floor of the library with friends, but as much as I love my friends, I never get any work done when I am around them. Hence, my […]

Hidden Library Stories

When you stay in the library for long periods of time, you start noticing things other than books. If the mood strikes me, I will take roaming study breaks through the first and second floors. Something I had never noticed before is how much art there is in the library.

With my nose in my […]

Nice Weather, Good Luck Studying

The first truly beautiful day of the year came today, just three days after the biggest snowstorm of the year. Some blame global warming, I just call it luck. Out on the quad between ANW and DMC, two dorm buildings by the gym, students were strewn about with laptops, with laptops and blankets; some tanning, […]

No need to feel stressed

It’s easy as a freshman to feel overwhelmed by the never-ending assignments that pile on your desk or the amount of due dates scribbled in your planner. As the years go on, it can feel similarly daunting to take classes outside of your major or even take a 3000-level class in your own field of […]

It’s important to take a break sometimes too…

Fall Break means changing leaves, beautiful Fall weather, time with family, and, most importantly, a break from the stress and rigor of school. For me it meant homework, studying, reading, and, most importantly, becoming a recluse so that I wouldn’t fall any further behind in my classes than I already had. I spent Friday and […]