October 2014
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The Day After

Big News: My acceptance letter for my study abroad came today! I’M GOING TO BELGIUM!!

But this post is about what I did on Black Friday. Quickly, for anyone thinking about visiting Boston: 1. Go to Harvard Square and take in all the smart people. 2. Go to a Red Sox game; Bruins and Celtics [...]

Thanksgiving Break

I hope every had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!

I’ve only ever traveled home once in these past four years for Thanksgiving, and after the expensive flights and too short trip, I realized it wasn’t really worth it when the semester ends just two weeks after break. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely miss my family [...]

I Am Thankful: McDaniel Edition

Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the combination of lots of great food and lots of great family, and it’s a really warm, cozy, and fun holiday. I’ve also taken time over the last few years to reflect in writing about [...]

Home Alone In Boston Is Not So Alone After All

Of course we all look forward to Thanksgiving Break here on the Hill. Though we love our campus and friends dearly, we also love a few days without class and a fantastic home-cooked meal. I chose to spend the break with my friend Barnabas in Boston. I saw it as a chance to meet some [...]

Going North Instead of West

Everyone is talking about going home for Thanksgiving. This year, I’m not going home. I’m going relative hopping. While I’m excited to see both sides of my family, it is upsetting that I won’t be going home until the end of the semester. Not only does that mean I have to actually do laundry, but [...]