October 2014
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April approaches!

In my five and a half semesters here on the Hill, I’ve found that April can be one of the most overwhelming months of the school year. But a lot of what makes the month of April such a jam-packed time is stuff that’s actually fun.

One thing I love about early April in particular [...]

In Search of Spring

Spring has arrived! Well, officially that is. While people all across the Mid-Atlantic are out getting free Rita’s Water Ice to celebrate the occasion and the weather where I am is quite pleasant, it still doesn’t seem like spring yet. I’m still wearing thick socks with snowflakes printed on them and things are still looking [...]

Sunsets on the Hill

Hey all,

One of my favourite things to do is to watch the sunset. Here, it sets over the football field, and while there’s no real place to sit and watch, I often like to stand on the drive that goes around the backside of campus and watch it set. Often times, there’ll be people [...]

Sunny days on the Hill

Spring is officially on it’s way! The sun was shinning and it was a gorgeous day!:) I was able to go for a run outside and not have a thousand layers on! SCORE! I wore shorts and a t-shirt!!! It was amazing! On my run I saw so many people out and about. A bunch [...]

Chamber Music on the Hill

Hey all,

McDaniel is part of a program called Chamber Music on the Hill, that sponsors musicians from all over to come to the Forum in McDaniel and play on a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, a group known as the Westminster Trio performed, with a special guest who’d come from Florida. The program sponsors about four [...]