August 2014
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A Weekend to Relax

As a track athlete, I usually have meets on the weekends, but our last two meets before conferences are on Wednesdays, which means that last weekend was finally one in which I had two days to get things done and relax instead of one. I also have this weekend to do that, which is lovely [...]

An Oversized Lesson

Tonight was my second viewing of the play Fat Pig written by Neil LaBute. The play is about a guy who falls in love with a fat girl. All his friends make fun of him for dating someone who is extremely overweight. SPOILER (meaning do not read this next sentence if you are going to [...]

The Vagina Monologues


McDaniel has a lot of really neat events for the students, such as hypnotists, magicians, and singers. Students and professors also put on a lot of really neat events, including chorus and musical concerts, plays, musicals, and talent shows. Last Friday, they put on The Vagina Monologues, a play written by Eve Ensler. [...]

Student-Directed Play Festival

When my friend asked me if I’d like to see the final showing of our Student-Directed Play Festival, I happily agreed. The event was free and held in the under stage of our theater. Senior Yichong “Angel” Li chose “Between the Lines,” a play which deals with the themes of memory, race relations, and gender [...]


The Homecoming experience at McDaniel is pretty systematic: get up and watch parade (or sleep in…), go to football stadium, wander from tent to tent catching up with people and eating, cheer for football team when something exciting happens, etc.

While I did all these things and had a blast, I’d have to say that [...]