November 2014
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North Carolina: entering the South

Hey there,

This past weekend, I took Megabus down to North Carolina to visit a good friend of mine from Yellowstone. I spent a night in Virginia when I was looking at colleges; however, aside from this, DC is really as far South as I had ever been in my life. The pickle took me to […]

Through the Venice Looking-Glass

I have to admit that although I was looking forward to the Venice trip, I did not believe that I would enjoy the city due to the plethora of tourists. While there were many tourists in Venice, this did not prevent me from falling in love with the city. It did not matter which direction […]

Buses, Hostels, and Student Discounts: Things I’ve Learned About Planning Trips

Just to restate the obvious–I love traveling. Studying abroad in Budapest has given me fantastic opportunities to explore more of Europe, and I still have three remaining weekend trips in October and November. Since I am studying abroad, here are some things I have learned about while planning trips.

1. Budget Bus Lines

I think […]

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia is only a two and a half hour bus ride from Budapest – the perfect weekend destination. Two other friends and I found round trip bus tickets for $24 and a hostel for $20 a night. With prices like these, why wouldn’t we make the trip to visit Bratislava?

This weekend was one […]

Philly Experience


So this weekend, I went home with fellow McBlogger, Maria Brew, and Steph Glassick (also a McBlogger) went with us! We were able to go into Philly with Maria’s family and we had a wonderful day! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time walking around the city. I also had my […]