April 2014
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Fun Field Trips

One of the best parts about being in a Spanish class with Dr. Deveny is that he always takes his classes on field trips. Last semester, for my Cultural History of Spain course, we went and saw flamenco dancing. It was awesome to be able to see something that originated in Spain brought to [...]

Field Trip!

So, this week was fairly normal; but I still had a lot of fun. The highlight of my week was actually a field trip into Washington DC as part of my Arabic Class. We went to various different locations throughout the city and I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot about [...]

What goes down at night

Evenings at McDaniel are pretty much whatever you feel like doing! Take last night for examle: a Friday night, most of us were exhausted and just tired. Some of my friends decided to go watch the Dangersauce Improv Show, which is always a fun evening of comedy. I opted for a bit of a chill [...]

Baltimore in a Pickle!

McDaniel College is situated in a small town, but if you ever need to get away to the city Baltimore and Washington D.C. are far from out of reach. I am a big fan of taking advantage of the opportunity McDaniel students have to explore both of these amazing cities. Owings Mills, about 25 minutes [...]

Campus Changes

This afternoon I came back to campus from my house. I live in Washington D.C. This year we have started a great process with the school van. On weekends it picks up students from the D.C. metro and drops them off. For this reason I can now go home on the weekends for free.

I [...]