November 2014
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Awaiting Welcome Week

Another sign that fall semester is just around the corner appeared today when McDaniel’s Office of Student Engagement posted this year’s Welcome Week schedule on Twitter.

Welcome Week always takes place during the first week of classes. It’s kind of like a continuation of First Year Orientation week, which takes place the week before class […]

Continuing My First Week

It’s been a fun last couple of days for me here at McDaniel. Yesterday, Wednesday, was a pretty light day for me since my only class was grammar in the afternoon. From 11 to 1, there was a farmers’ market at Red Square, where vendors came to sell fresh produce, bread, honey, and even jewelry. […]

Day Two

I didn’t expect to be so tired by day two, but considering that I had an evening class and a pretty busy last three days, I guess I’m not surprised. It takes a lot of energy to get readjusted to being at college, but I guess if I weren’t at least somewhat tired, it would […]

My First Day of Class

Today was the first day of class! Unfortunately (to me), my first class wasn’t until 1:50 this afternoon, so when people asked me at lunch how my classes were, I wasn’t able to give them an answer! (And because I also have an evening class on Mondays, my answer to that question was pretty much […]

Sophomore Year, Day One

Sometimes rain happens for a reason. Today, Sunday, one of the major highlights of my day was supposed to be the annual Honors picnic, an event that helps freshmen Honors students meet upperclassmen Honors students. Unfortunately, though, the picnic was rained out.

To compensate for this, I staged a “picnic” in my common room; I […]