November 2014
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Ode to Snow

This past week has been crazy. We have had class cancelled due to snow and ice which although it could be seen as an unexpected break, it really just means more work for the students and professors. However, campus looks beautiful right now. Thus, I thought I would entertain you with some wintertime poetry.


A World of Pure Imagination

It’s the second snow day this week, but I have to say I like this one much better than Monday’s. Why, you ask? Well, it’s much more beautiful today, and much more relaxing.

I don’t have any homework to do for tomorrow, which is fantastic and meant I got to spend the day watching Supernatural […]

Snow Day!

Snow days when you’re a child are all about running outside to build a snowman or sled down the big hill you were too scared to go near last year. In college they’re called lets-sit-in-sweatpants-drink-coffee-and-catch-up-on-homework days. Granted, they are still welcome with open arms just for other reasons. Last week was our first week of […]

Neighbors in Need

Although playing in the snow is always a winter favorite, one of the best activities I did during the winter at McDaniel was volunteer at a program called Neighbors in Need. I was interning at the Human Services Program in Westminster at the time and I heard of this opportunity through them. They had set […]

That Tingly Giving Feeling


Although sledding down the golf course is a huge thrill, and sipping soup in the dorms with friends is a blast, my favorite part of Christmas time on the Hill is giving presents. It is perfect because when you are getting a bit stressed from studying for finals, you just take a break […]