August 2014
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The best of my 2013 on the Hill

It’s not uncommon for students at any college to have their ups and downs every semester, and I’m no exception to this idea. But now that the year is coming to an end, I’m choosing, as always, to reflect on what was awesome about this year, including some of the best aspects of my time [...]

Annie: An English major and so much more

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself, so now that my fifth semester at McDaniel has wrapped up, I have plenty of time to let you know about me and what’s the latest in my McDaniel life.

I’m Annie Brown, and I’m a junior English major and writing minor who concentrates her [...]

So many things!

I’ve done and been to so many things over the past few days that I don’t know which ones to blog about! As a result, I’d like to share a lot of those things with you in the form of a list with some brief descriptions.


-I went to MAWCA, a writing center conference, [...]

MAWCA Writing Center Conference

Like Clara mentioned in a recent post, conferences are a valuable part of the college experience because we get to explore our passions and find out what other colleges or organizations are doing in our fields of interest. Yesterday, six members of our Writing Center staff, myself included, attended the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association conference [...]

Peer Editing

Peer editing is an important part of the process, particularly in college where professors do not have time to individually read and edit each student’s paper before they need to be turned in for a grade.

Many of my classes have built in time for peer editing before a larger assignment is done. You will [...]