August 2014
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A Pi Day fit for an English major

I’ve always seen Pi Day as a day that makes math accessible to everyone. It’s a day for people to make pi-based puns and jokes, eat pie, and perhaps even learn about some of the math that has to do with it. (If you happen to be someone who does want to learn something about [...]

Whiteford and Rouzer tutoring

We’ve started some new initiatives at the Writing Center this year, one of them being Sunday night tutoring in the freshmen dorms. From 7-9 PM, I work with girls in Whiteford while Charles does appointments with guys in Rouzer.

Our Sunday night tutoring is ideal because students who have never been to the Writing Center [...]

Getting back in action

Like so many others, last week I caught what has come to be called the McVirus and the McPlague, so I was home from Thursday morning through Sunday evening recovering. Though students on campus coined those terms to include the name of our college, it’s important to know that gastroenteritis, the medical name of the [...]

The McPlague

Starting around dinnertime and late into the night of Tuesday, Feb. 26, students found themselves battling for space in public bathrooms due to extreme flu-like symptoms. At 10:45 AM, a campus-wide email alerted the McDaniel community that we are experiencing an outbreak of gastroenteritis, a virus.

Though many students are sick and stuck in their rooms, [...]

A great day for chocolate

Though I didn’t have a valentine this year, chocolate was here and everywhere for me this Valentine’s Day.

After I was finished class this afternoon, I went to my campus mailbox to find a lovely bar of fair-trade chocolate I had ordered for myself last week. (I also received two Valentine’s Day cards and a [...]