August 2014
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Admitted Students Day: Plugging the English major

This is what our English department looked like last year. Some of the people in this group have made very rich contributions to my life, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

Did you take a look at these wonderful people? They are some of my favorite people in the world: the McDaniel [...]

Annie: An English major and so much more

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself, so now that my fifth semester at McDaniel has wrapped up, I have plenty of time to let you know about me and what’s the latest in my McDaniel life.

I’m Annie Brown, and I’m a junior English major and writing minor who concentrates her [...]

Interviewing Strangers

Besides being an English major, I’m also pursuing a minor in Writing as well as Journalism. Last semester, I interned with the Baltimore Sun’s Features department and got a taste for what it would be like after I graduated. To put it simply, I was terrified. After I got over my fear of driving into [...]

Writing for Nonprofit Organizations

One of the things I have begun to love about McDaniel is the fact that their classes are actually ones that are relevant out in the real world. This semester I am taking a class called Writing for Nonprofit Organizations. Our readings for each class consist of examples and forms to follow for grant writing, fundraising ideas, [...]

Day Two

I didn’t expect to be so tired by day two, but considering that I had an evening class and a pretty busy last three days, I guess I’m not surprised. It takes a lot of energy to get readjusted to being at college, but I guess if I weren’t at least somewhat tired, it would [...]