Introducing Ensemble Video

Several new systems are available to campus users this semester. Ensemble Video is just one of them and, among other things, it offers a great service to anyone who has juggled DVDs in the classroom. With Ensemble, you can easily stream video clips for class viewing via Blackboard, WordPress, or other web site.

One of my favorite features is the dropbox. Setting up a dropbox generates a link you can share with students or department members for easy uploading to your media library. Dropbox users click the link for an easy-to-follow webpage that walks them through the upload process—users never actually have to log in to Ensemble.

Ensemble handles other types of media as well, including audio and image files. Contact me if you would like to know more about the service or if you would like a media library set up for you or your department.


M51 Hubble Remix

One of many amazing images available from NASA’s website, this image shows a spiral structure that is over 60,000 light-years across. This sweep of cosmic beauty carries the engaging moniker NGC 5194 and shares space relatively near the handle of the Big Dipper.

This and many other images, videos, audio files and data files are free for non-commercial use in course materials, photo collections, web pages and so on. NASA simply requires that you list them as the source of the material. Exceptions and other conditions are listed on their Using NASA Imagery and Linking to NASA Web Sites page.

Image Credit: NASA, Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI/AURA), ESA, S. Beckwith (STScI). Additional Processing: Robert Gendler

via M51 Hubble Remix.