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Workshops are open to all McDaniel faculty­­ and staff. Currently, all training is conducted online.

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Tech Tip Tuesday Playlist

Tech Tip Tuesday playlist


Visit the McDaniel Hoonuit site (formerly Atomic Learning) for video tutorials on many topics including Blackboard, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Audacity, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote and much more.

Hoonuit is available for Students, Staff, and Faculty. Log in to the McDaniel portal and click the Hoonuit Quick Link on the front page.

  • Explore the Featured and Newly Added sections, or type a keyword in the Search box to find the topics you want (ex: Word or iMovie).
  • Use Pathways to view a curated list of videos on a specific category, such as InDesign Creative Cloud Essentials, Foundations for Technology Integration, Digital Video in the Classroom and more.

InTech Workshops

InTech offers workshops for faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Most workshops are 60 minutes long unless otherwise noted. Listed below are descriptions of the workshops we currently offer.

Not all workshops are offered every semester. If you are interested in something that is not on the current schedule, or our schedule doesn’t work with yours, let us know! We will meet with you individually or work with you to arrange a session tailored to the needs of your department/group.

Do your students need help with projects involving any of these topics? We will meet with your class to provide how-tos and answer questions. Contact us to schedule a class meeting.

Surveys & Forms

Creating a Survey with Qualtrics

This introductory level workshop focuses on creating a basic survey project. Participants will create a simple survey using a variety of question types and apply both Skip Logic and Display Logic. We will also experiment with a few of the available Survey Options and with features of the Rich Content Editor. We’ll finish up by exploring options for distributing your survey and by comparing choices in the Data & Analysis tab.

Microsoft Forms

Need to send out a quick sign up form? Want to create a simple online poll or survey? Then Microsoft Forms, available through your McDaniel Office 365 subscription, is for you!

  • Create forms, polls, and surveys.
  • Enhance your forms with images or video.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • View data online or export to Excel.

Digital Arts

Easy Video Editing with iMovie

This workshop covers basic techniques for adding finishing touches to your video using Apple’s latest release of iMovie. Learn how to import video from different sources and how to capture live action. Experiment with adding transitions, titles, voiceover, and music to enhance your video. We’ll also look at sharing options for your completed project.

Create a Slideshow with iMovie

Bring a sampler of images and see how easy it is to make your photos tell a story. Apply simple editing techniques to create a dynamic and informative slideshow movie that can be played back on a computer or shared online. Bring about 5–10 photos on a USB memory stick or have them saved to your OneDrive for easy access during the workshop. Slideshows can be a great alternative presentation tool for faculty, staff, and students! Prior iMovie experience is not required.

PowerPoint Clinic

Looking to spruce up an existing presentation? Searching for design inspiration? In this hands-on session we’ll work on rejuvenating those old slides while exploring new and creative ideas for getting your point across. We’ll look at novel ways to format text (who needs bullet points?) and images as well as adding narration. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Powerpoint. While we will use the Powerpoint application, our focus will be more on design techniques. Don’t have a presentation to bring? No problem—we’ll have sample materials available.

Turn Your Powerpoint into a Video Presentation with Camtasia

Camtasia is an easy to learn screen recording application and a great tool for turning your Powerpoint into a standalone presentation. We’ll start by preparing a simple script and then practice narrating while recording the screen. We’ll then make use of Camtasia’s editing tools to add finishing touches to the presentation and determine best options for sharing videos with others. Bring your own Powerpoint slides to practice with or use our samples.

Web Tools

Building Websites and Blogs with WordPress

Sign on to the McDaniel WordPress site and create a blog, website, or both! Try out a variety of templates and learn how to edit posts and pages. Enhance your site using widgets, plugins, and embedded media. WordPress is a great platform for student projects, class blogs, course or department sites, or even a photoblog. Visit the FAQ for more ideas about how to use WordPress.

Hoonuit and You

Have you taken advantage of Hoonuit’s extensive online learning library? Don’t know where to start? Not sure if it’s for you? Let’s find out! Join us as we check out ways you can:

  • Enhance your creative and design expertise.
  • Take advantage of technology training topics to brush up existing skills or investigate something new.
  • Design your own flexible professional development plan from categories spanning Instructional Strategies, Leadership Skills, Social Media and more.
  • Augment course materials with a wide-range of on-demand video offerings.
  • Explore resources focussed on student success.

Save a Tree and Use Blackboard Assignments! (Beginner) 90 minutes

Assessing students has never been easier, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly! Blackboard assignments allow students to submit written work directly in Blackboard—and allows you, the instructor, to grade right from within the browser, which includes adding markups and comments, providing thorough feedback, all while allowing quicker turnaround on grading. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Create an assignment in a content area
  • View, comment, and grade a submitted assignment
  • Batch download assignments
  • See how the graded assignment is presented to the student

Supplementing Your Course(s) Using Blackboard (Beginner) 90 minutes

Just because you are teaching a face to face course doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use Blackboard. All courses have a course shell automatically created in Blackboard. Blackboard courses are a great way to supplement any course with relevant course leaning objects, documents, as well as hosting asynchronous collaboration among students. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Create course menus/content areas for organizing content
  • Upload documents
  • Add digital resources
  • Navigate the Library Resources feature
  • Locate and add basic columns to the Grade Center

Blackboard Grade Center (Intermediate) 90 minutes

It’s every instructor’s least favorite task: grading. The Blackboard Grade Center can help you keep your course grades in check, as well as keep students informed on their progress in the course. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Add columns and calculated columns
  • Create categories to organize columns
  • Enter grades
  • Communicate to students using the Grade Center
  • Create reports
  • Export the grade center

OneDrive: Your Portal to the Cloud

OneDrive for Business is an online service available to all faculty and staff through the college’s Office 365 subscription. Join us as we explore ways to store and share files, access files from our desktop or mobile device, and how OneDrive relates to other Microsoft apps within Office 365.

Connect & Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

Explore the features of Microsoft’s “digital hub” and create a space where you can pull together discussions, multimedia content, schedules, and more! Microsoft Teams is available through your McDaniel Office 365 subscription and offers great tools for building collaborative spaces for offices, campus groups, or classes.