What is Ensemble?

Ensemble Video is a media management system that can be used for video, audio, and image files.

  • View or stream media directly from your Ensemble library
  • Embed media directly into Blackboard.
  • Share a permalink to an individual video or to a playlist.
  • Create a drop box for students to upload video or audio assignments directly to your Ensemble library.
  • Create quizzes within your videos.
  • Add and edit captions using the built-in Amara DIY editor or by using the automatic captions feature (see how-tos below under the Editing category).

How do I get an Ensemble account?

Contact us! Accounts are available for all faculty and staff.

Is training available?

Yes! Contact Anita to request training. Be sure to also check out the how-to information below.

What browsers are supported?

Ensemble works with current versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Visit the Ensemble support Browser Compatibility page for more information.

Is Ensemble ready for GDPR?

Yes! Your Ensemble content is secure and meets the European Union’s GDPR standards.

Ensemble How-Tos

Media Library

Media Library Overview (Ensemble website)
Add a New Video
(Ensemble website)
Manage Content (Ensemble website)


Publish Video (Ensemble website)
Bulk Publishing (Ensemble website)
Playlist Guide (Ensemble website)
Image Gallery (Ensemble website)


Add Annotations (Ensemble website)
Add a Quiz (Ensemble website)
Adding Captions (InTech PDF)
The automatic captions feature is available upon request and can be used for any user-created video. Once enabled you can select auto-captioning as part of the publishing process. You can also add captions to user-created videos that have already been uploaded to your media library. While the automatic captions feature is highly accurate, no machine-based editor is 100%. Use the Amara DIY editor for any corrections you need to make.
Amara DIY Editor How-to (Amara Video)
Create or edit captions from within your Ensemble library using the built-in Amara Caption Editor. The Amara editor is available to all media libraries.
Trim a Video (Ensemble website)


Link to a Video (Ensemble website)
Link to a Playlist (Ensemble website)
Share to Social Media and Email (Ensemble website)


Set Up a Dropbox (Ensemble website)

Add an Ensemble login page to your portal bookmarks

What other media resources are available to the campus community?

Listed below are additional resources available to you through the college. Please note: These are media resources available to you in addition to the media you upload to your Ensemble library. They are linked from their respective sites rather than uploaded to Ensemble.

The Hoonuit site, available via quick link on the McDaniel portal, offers video tutorials on a wide variety of topics and is available to all faculty, staff and students. Use Hoonuit Easy Links to add video tutorials to Blackboard.

Hoover Library
Visit Hoover Library’s Linking to Library Resources: Linking FAQs page to find e-resources that you can add to your Blackboard class or other academic website. The FAQ serves as a guide for linking to a collection of e-resources that includes sites such as Academic Video Online, Films on Demand and JSTOR. Find links to these sites in the left column along with a link to Copyright Basics.