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seo training – world science

seo training

Here is SEO Technique and welcome to the most comprehensive SEO SEO article in Iran. We can honestly say that this is the most complete SEO 2019 article in Iran that we have tried to convey to you with a thorough, friendly and thoroughly engaging statement. Dear, but what are we going to focus on during this comprehensive SEO article?

In this article we have provided 9 fascinating and readable chapters for your loved ones and we are going to cover all the bold SEO tips that will ultimately increase your keyword ranking in search engine results like: Google, Yahoo, Bing and … can be examined thoroughly.

It is not only the end of the day, but besides these, we have dedicated our 7 years of experience as a sohab website to our dear friends and companions so that we can truly appreciate your kindness and companionship over the years Let’s bring it

But please, and please, follow these topics carefully and repeatedly and have a deep and bold thinking on all of the content so that you can find the deepest layers of SEO. If you have any questions after reading these 9 fascinating free chapters, you can contact my servant.

Undoubtedly this article can have a huge impact on the growth of your online business, we have also reviewed the latest Google algorithms and introduced them in this tutorial.

Don’t waste any more time and go to the most comprehensive SEO SEO training article.

Part One | Introductory SEO
Before we get to the secrets of the wonderful and mysterious of SEO, we first need to introduce and explore its basic concepts and terms so that we can first understand our SEO goal and what SEO is. ? And what are we going to achieve with it?

Once we have a better understanding of this, we can certainly make great strides, but it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a practitioner who has virtually no knowledge of SEO, this article is for everyone because it is relevant to everyone. This article lists tips that can help your business grow significantly. So, as you come across this page and look for key ways to increase your rank or position in Google results, we are sorely sorry. And read through this article with enough patience and attention to each of the sentences in this section. If you want to get the best results. (Respected SEOs can also read the terms in this section.)

But as a beginner, you may always have a lot of questions in your mind and look for the right answers to your questions, for example:

What is SEO?
What exactly does SEO do?
Why does my website need SEO?
How do websites rank higher and lower?
Why is “Site” ranked first and Site “ranked second” when I search for the word “men’s shirt”?
What are Google’s algorithms for 2019 and how does it work?
These are some of the most stereotypical questions most people are grappling with, but if you haven’t got the full information up to date, you can find a very concise answer to all the questions in the introductory SEO section. Find out what is possible in your mind, please join us.

What is SEO?
SEO or SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which means “search engine optimization” such as Google, Bing, and so on. In a more friendly and intuitive way, SEO is a complex and mysterious process whereby using techniques we can naturally increase a website’s ranking in search results.

For example, we have launched a website that sells all kinds of men’s shirts, now we want to rank our most specific keyword, “men’s shirts”, and see it on Google. SEO will help, but how?

As you may have noticed, we used the term “perfectly normal” in the text above, but can it be concluded abnormally? Let us answer your question, there are generally two ways you can make your website visible to your users in Google results, but what are the two ways?

Google Adwords
In the first method of SEO, you will have to spend a lot of time to actually establish your position in the top Google rankings, but if you teach SEO properly, you won’t have to worry about slipping.

In the second approach as Google AdWords you have to make a lot more money than the SEO cost and practically you can top the results with the same keyword while charging your Google AdWords account but you might ask. What is Google AdWords?

I refer you to the “Introducing Google Ads” article to get more information on this Google advertising system.

Always know that there are many techniques in SEO that are practically tailored to your goals, how they are applied and how they are applied, although today this goal has become just one common goal among all people and has gained top ranking. In the search engine results.

In SEO, as we mentioned, there are many techniques, one of which is the production of original and optimized content.

Content generation is one of the most appropriate ways to showcase your site’s brand and service to users and search engines. But how can we produce targeted content?

First, try to make your content completely user-friendly, meaning all aspects, and provide a comprehensive article to your audience so that they will no longer have to look for another article to address their mental questions,

Along with this, always try to optimize that content for search engines so that you can see more and more. But make no mistake!

What we mean by content is not just dry and simple content, but also genuine and user-friendly content that can be used for photo, video, podcasting, and so on.

But keep that in mind for us to discuss in detail in section four here.

But if we want to be honest with you and see the other half:

As you know SEO is a complex conditional process that evolves over time and adds to its complexity, but don’t worry, you must first understand the basic SEO concepts so that you can always keep up with It’s a great science and escape the tune. These are actually the SEO alphabet, and you can’t understand SEO until you fully understand them.

Why should we follow SEO training?
Typically the ultimate goal of any individual is to identify the target audience and customers in their field of business and drive them to their website and this will not be possible except with SEO! Of course, this is also considered as one of the main concerns of business owners.

It’s interesting to know that SEO costs are very high, and if you don’t have the budget you need to get your site up and running, and keep in mind that SEO is a time consuming process that cannot be done overnight. Ranked a search engine in the natural way so always seek to learn SEO and add to your knowledge, in this regard you can go with SEO technique and get started with this article.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use a number of specific algorithms to rank websites.

Can we access these algorithms?

Both yes and no, but why?

Google actually reviews over 200 factors for ranking sites in search results, some of which are important: content, backlinks , technical improvements like site speed, user experience, etc. Others are still completely hidden or can be customized depending on the type of business.

Don’t worry too much about this, as we will thoroughly examine all the factors needed to increase your rank in this tutorial.

Does it matter if you have a store site? Or a news magazine site? Do you provide services?
Search engines generally evaluate the behavior of users in relation to all websites and determine your rank, so it is best to optimize your website for search engines first and foremost. Users also don’t mind.

In the general case, switching from 2 to 1 position can make changes and turnover in a highly competitive keyword such as “phone purchase” and… billions of dollars for the major business owners. Do you still not believe in the science of SEO in this situation? You will surely find salvation

Where to start SEO training ? And how to learn?
It is very easy to know where and how to start SEO, you are now in one of the most authoritative and comprehensive SEO articles on the SEO website and you can start SEO training for free from this point on.

We have also provided you with other free training articles from SEO so you can read more about them, but we’ve also included tips in specialized videos that can complement free training. Be you.

Friendly Tip:
You should not limit yourself to just one source for learning SEO or anything else, which is why we have introduced credible resources in Section 9, the last part of this article, so that you can actually increase your SEO knowledge.

SEO is considered to be an endless science, and as a SEO you must constantly increase your knowledge in this field.

SEO changes a lot every month and every year, and these changes are directly related to changes in Google’s algorithms. These algorithms are constantly changing based on users’ needs and behaviors.

For example, the word “buy atari” was once a lot of search engines, but nowadays few people search for it, and even in the years to come no one can buy it! These are the things that make Google algorithms change.

But you might ask yourself what is the most important factor for Google to rank the results?

In response we can tell you that the user experience can be one of the most important in this area, and today Google pays a lot of attention to it and changes the search results to the relevant keyword based on users behavior.

In this article, we will help you to learn the SEO alphabet in the first 9 chapters well and completely free of charge and finally guide you on how to further your science in SEO.

Introducing some basic terms in SEO:
There are some terms in SEO that you as a webmaster or search engineer need to know about in order to be able to use them when needed.

Internal SEO and external SEO
Seo white hat, seo gray hat, seo black hat
We will continue to introduce these so that you and your loved ones can understand the difference between SEO and SEO.

For this purpose, please join with Seohab to find out more.

It is worth noting that we will be exploring and introducing these in a very folk manner and in a completely different way.

What is internal SEO and external SEO?
Internal SEO, as its name implies, means internal search engine optimization. It’s also called On-Page SEO or On-Site SEO.

Content optimization, internal linking, site coding, etc. are some of the things that should be addressed in internal SEO, but in the third chapter we will talk fully about internal SEO and its techniques.

As with SEO, Off-Page SEO is referred to as a set of processes that takes place outside your website to get better results.

For example, one way to increase external SEO is to use social networking as well as linking, but we’ll talk about external SEO in more detail in Chapter 6.

Keep in mind that an external SEO like a kitchen knife can kill you (ie, destroy your website) and it can also be used as a convenient tool to perform day-to-day work (ie, your website is upgraded). .)

So always keep in mind how and how to use external site SEO to improve the status of your website.

Investigating the differences between a site’s internal and external SEO

You will have access to all aspects of internal SEO and you can take control of the situation but in external SEO you will have little control over it.
The cost of external SEO is much higher than that of domestic SEO.
Internal SEO is not as dangerous as external SEO, and you should always know how to use external SEO to improve your website.
Focusing on both can ultimately help your website grow. It’s not like you spend all your time on internal SEO and ignore external SEO or vice versa.
Seo White Hat, Seo Gray Hat and Seo Black Hat Review:
We are all looking for ways to improve the SEO of our site and optimize it among the search engines, but SEO has different ways and you can use many different ways. Do this, the safest way is to use a white hat for SEO.

You can also use black hat methods to improve your search engine rankings as quickly as possible, but then Google can easily penalize your website when it finds out.

For example, you can follow many different ways of moving from point A to point B, for example, you can use the main straight road or take a side-road, but if You will reach your destination faster using this method.

So in general, we conclude that it is you who can determine the fate of your website, however will you be using dangerous methods to improve your site?

What is White Hat SEO or White Hat SEO?
It is a set of actions that conforms to the basics of SEO and its use does not disrupt the natural state of SEO!

These are referred to as white hat SEO or SEO, and Google is based on these concepts and is very interested in these types of websites.

In the white hat method it will take the first and foremost time, as it may take years for us to gain top ranking in search results through some new websites without regard to the principle of Other methods have been used to steal the market from the most authentic websites over time

But what are the SEO techniques of white hats? Producing quality content, conceptual coding, choosing the right titles and explanations, principled internal linking, creating natural backlinks without the direct involvement of the business owner, keyword reviews, and so on are some of the most important principles that you use. You’re practically creating a white hat SEO for your website.

What is Gray Hat SEO or SEO?
This category actually lies between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, practically in the way that most SEOs are involved, the role of SEO is to act as a catalyst and to accelerate the SEO process. Of course not so much that Google becomes sensitive to this.

Note that the boundary between SEO and Black Hat is very close and you should always pay close attention to this topic because otherwise you may have harmful effects on your website.

What is Black Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO?
Black Hat SEO is a set of processes that naturally a website is going to achieve with Google’s top results in a shorter period of time, but most of the time Google hits and hits these websites. The list goes out of competition, and if it wants to be too strict, its page will completely penalize the offender’s search results for too long.

These websites, regardless of user experience factors or coding and linking principles, are intended to deliver superior results in a very short period of time, and Google can certainly determine which websites are using hat methods. It’s black because Google intends to introduce the most relevant websites to its users.

Spam and malicious links, overuse of keywords, duplicate content, etc. are common methods of this black technique.

Don’t get tired of it, we’ve reached the end of season one, and so far you should have the full knowledge of:

What is SEO?
Why is SEO important?
What is the difference between SEO and AdWords?
Where can we get SEO training? how is it possible?
What is the difference between internal and external SEO?
Introduce a variety of SEO techniques.
What is SEO White Hat?
What is a Gray Hat Seo?
What is SEO Black Hat?
Part Two | Search Engine
Welcome to the second part of the free SEO tutorial. Seo Tech website but in this section we are going to introduce your loved ones to search engines and how they work. After reading this section, you will understand how search engines index and index a site. We will also introduce some of the technical tips of search engines. Please join us in this section.

Nowadays, the search engine algorithm in general is quite different from the past because today every word the user searches for thousands of websites is exposed to it but the main task of search engines is to be able to Submit a fraction of a second to the most relevant and best results to their users.

In this regard, the best search engine, Google, has many algorithms that, according to a SEO expert, can make a significant contribution to getting the best results.

Keep in mind, however, that all of your website optimizations should ultimately be for the user, not the search engines!

But let’s get to some of the specialized terms found in search engines.

How does the search engine work?
There are usually four critical steps in search engine performance: (For example you think you have published an article on your website, how the search engines treat your article to as expressed in the following:)

Crawl – crawl
Register – submit
Index – index
Choose from results – Picking the results
What is a crawl?
Crawling by robots on your website is called crawling or crawl.

The way it works is that Google’s robots will be coming to your news for the first time so they will be able to scan all of the content within your content as a very powerful scanner; … Thoroughly scrutinize.

Notice, for example, that the term SEO is a text viewed by search engines and refers to the text type, but SEO is not a regular text, but rather a hypertext or hyperlinked text.

In fact, when the search engines arrive at this site, they will also check the contents of the new page, depending on whether the link is phallus or snapshot, so that page will also be reviewed by the search engines. And it creeps. (Of course if your linked text type is Falu type.)

This principle is always firm and constant, and these types of robots are always crawling and finding newer stuff.

Sign Up – What is Submit?
Once the robots crawl a page of your website, that data is stored in Google’s huge database, but that doesn’t mean it can always be displayed in search results.

In most cases, the time lag between the crawl and the display results is very short, so there is less sign-up, but in some cases, such as technical problems with the website or hosts, the freshness of your site and so on.

But don’t worry, as we are going to introduce a way to use it to manually call up search engines to your website and actually tell Google robots that this page is Please check me out and creep.

List Index – What is Index?
Once all of your website content has been reviewed by the crawler robots and there is no problem with your website, the registration process is completed and the index is completed. At this point, all the content you have produced will be exposed to everyone.

Tip: If you want to know if a page of your website is indexed, you can search the site: seo-hube.info on Google. Of course you have your own website instead of a SEO site.

Select Results – What is Picking the Results?
We all know that websites that are included in Google search results are very important and reputable websites that rank in the top ten in terms of some of the most important ones that are considered SEO.

These results are also known as serp. (serp means a list of websites that will be displayed to you after your search on Google.)

If you want to introduce this concept to your loved ones in simple terms, we have to say that when you search for “mobile shopping” on Google, you will see a lot of results from sites including websites. You will see the results of one to ten at the same time, but how one website will result in one and another website will return 10 as a result. Of course, this placement in the top rank depends on many factors.

Many search engine companies such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others use highly sophisticated methods and algorithms to rank their websites that no one knows how to accurately calculate but their very important factors. It is well known that practically they can achieve better results in search engines.

But what are those known factors? Follow us on.

Introducing well-known factors:
Naturally, the more you get to know these factors, the more visitors you can bring to your website, but the following are the most important and key factors in Google’s search ranking ranking:

The power and relevance of backlinks
Quality and relevant content
Interaction Criteria Like CTR (Click Rate)
Website size and loading speed
Density of words, the use of keywords in metatheques, headings, and URLs in principle
How to write and grammar in Farsi
Website structure
Website Optimization for Mobile
Hosts the convenience of using the website
Internal linking
The power of social networks
But in general we can rank the websites in two sections of internal and external links which we will introduce in Chapters 3 and 6.

How do users use search engines?
At the same time, always remember that all your steps will ultimately lead to superior search engine results, but remember that this should not only be for users or for search engines only, but also for a bunch of You both have to do this process.

Always know that the user experience is one of the most important SEO factors and ranking results that we will discuss in detail in Section 7, but how will users get to your website?

Users first search for a keyword in Google.
Then based on user information, such as their search history, user location, and results, they are displayed.
The user will see the results and select an item based on the attractiveness of the titles.
The user looks for his answer on that website if he finds it to be a good site.
If it is not resolved it will go back to the results and select another site or close the page if it is resolved.
In general, all the above process is reviewed and evaluated by Google, if users are interested in the relevant website Google will notice this and will rank that website in the top search results.

Check a variety of keywords in search results:
The keywords followed by the users in the search engines have the following three forms.

Keyword Transfer – Navigational
Keyword – Informational
Transactional Keyword
Keyword Transfer – Navigational
These kind of keywords, as their name implies, are intended only for the transfer of users.

For example, you know the SEO site and to access the contents of this website you search its name on Google and you are redirected to the main website.

These types of keywords, also referred to as branding words, simply convey the concept to your users.

Keyword Information – Informational
In this type of keywords, users are not just looking for a specific site, they are only looking for specific information.

For example, users may search for terms like “dollar price”, “gold price” and … on Google and seek information, such as keywords that are not commercially available.

Generally, in this type of keywords, the user is only looking for the necessary information.

Introducing Transactional Keyword
Such keywords are always looking to trade and sell.

For example, a Google user searches for “mobile phone purchase” and intends to make this purchase from the most prestigious websites, whether it can be online or offline.

Let’s talk about page one, rank one and our competitors !!

Coming to the front page of Google can make everyone happy, but being able to rank higher on the front page and get your rank in that position is another thing!

You should not only consider your strategies to come first, but also to stay focused and consolidate your position in these results and develop completely safety plans.

Keep in mind that Google’s rankings are constantly changing, and try to take that place with your planning and strategies.

In general, the search results are increasing every day, more Google searches are being made, the number of competitors is increasing, and so on. Becomes superior.

You should always think about increasing the quality of your services and content, and by no means compare your newly established site with a top ranking website.

You have to first compare your yesterday with your today and get better day by day, and at this point you can also take a look at the top websites so you can get ideas but never compare them unless you can. Everything is equal.

Check Click Rate:
According to a lot of research in this field, imagine that you have been ranked one for a particular result, for example as a result of “buying a mobile phone” you have been ranked one but after the necessary reviews You’ll find that when you’re ranked No. 1, it covers about 5 percent of desktop searches and 2 percent of phone searches.

For example, out of every 100 people who see your results on your desktop, only 30 of them will come to your website, and if you rank 7%, 5% of your desktop searches and 2.9% of your phone searches will go to your website. And for the number 2, these numbers are desktop and handsets at 2 percent and 4.6 percent, respectively.

But a very stereotypical question will arise!
That is also why when my website is ranked at one keyword but less than 30% clicked?

Because sometimes we get zero. Zero rating? Yes, join us.
To better understand this, just search for what is seo in digital marketing on Google, you will find that some of the results have been shown to you (Rich Answers), but sometimes Rich Also called card. The user will definitely click on it when they see it, and it will be closer to its target if there is a zero rating.

This tutorial is also over, and we hope you have some complete information about search engines. Pay a little more attention to the above, and after the necessary reviews, go to the third series of 9 seo free SEO tutorials.

Part III Internal and technical SEO
This is one of the most important parts of this article, and by reading this section you can easily complete an important part of your website in terms of SEO but what is internal SEO? As its name implies, SEO is a set of processes and actions that you perform within your website to approach your primary goal. Believe me, the SEO factors are many and not all of them will be covered in this article, but we will continue to introduce you to the most important parts of SEO in the following sections. It will affect your website We will take a look.

Meta tags
For example, you can go to any site you like and press ctrl + u, then you can see all the HTML code on that site, but if you want to look a little more closely, press ctrl + f A search box appears on your page where you can enter meta tags and view all meta code. These codes have a huge impact on your website’s SEO, but you might ask yourself what metatags are and what they do. Metadata describes the content of your website for search engines so that they can get to know the content of your website correctly, but the most important of all meta tags are: meta description and meta title Title).

From a technical point of view, implementing and implementing metatags is not difficult at all, but implementing it can be of great help to your website’s results, but to my servant who has been researching SEO for many years. , Meta Description and Meta Title alone can not improve your website SEO Have you ever wondered why most websites are copying titles from their competitors but Not top of Google results! This brings up the concept well that the title metatag is not useful enough but what can make it more valuable is the high CTR rate. You might ask what is CTR? CTR is actually the percentage that your users see and click on the results.For example, you rank 7 in the phrase “buy a mobile phone” and 100 people search for it within a day and Google results are displayed for them. Click 8 result to be 10 people, CTR of your article gets 10%. Naturally, the higher the CTR of a post on your site, the greater the impact it will have on Google’s ranking. But in general, don’t get the impression that title metadata and description metatags have no effect on SEO, but are important in SEO but how you can write a proper title and meta description is another matter. On the other hand, Google sometimes changes the title and description to make it more user-friendly, more often when you do not write a proper title or description.Or sometimes Google does so to improve the user experience of its visitors.

Remember, what is a serp? The list of search engine results is called serp. But they are very important tools that can help optimize the title, description, website address, content, etc. But they are just as helpful. For example, the popular SEO Yoast WordPress plugin and similar plugins look at specific factors that can help optimize your website, but in Section 7 you learn that in addition to defining meta tags and… Pay special attention to the user experience section as well. The user experience is one of the most important parts of SEO that Google attaches great importance to.

What is an Internal SEO Checklist?
We will continue to introduce and review a very valuable and important checklist that you can use to create and operate a very valuable checklist for all your websites, including stores, news and …

Look for users before writing an article.
Do you know what your users are searching for in Google so you can publish your content based on their searches? Do you have a specific purpose and program for producing your content? Do you generally have weekly, monthly, daily, etc. schedules and know what your content production expert should publish? Content production is not what you think, for example the production of this article has been the result of months of effort by the SEO team to produce this article for your loved ones with very high accuracy and conceptual accuracy. In this regard, you need to be constantly thinking about producing content and knowing what to put in your work plan first. There are many ways you can research your target keywords, but how to find your target keywords There are many ways we will discuss in Section 5.But keep in mind that not all people are looking for the same thing, there are many reasons that can ultimately influence the type of literature a user can search for, such as environmental conditions, positive and negative thoughts, etc. In the end, all of this leads to different searches.

2 – Check the page title and subtitles
In order to produce original and user-friendly content, you should note that your title, description, and headings (meaning H1 to H6) are extraordinarily attractive and always pay attention to this. Find out how to spread your target keyword throughout the text. Keep in mind that the descriptions and titles you write will have a huge impact on the click rate, or CTR. Note that headlines and descriptions are great tools to persuade users, and so are search robots to click on your website more than any other website.


The title you are writing for your content should be 70 characters long and the description of your article should be about 155 characters long, and these numbers have been announced by Google. Also in your article, always try to use the H1 to H6 tags very intelligently to increase the readability of your users.

3- Having a user-friendly, very clean URL
It is a very stereotypical question of Essen webmasters whether English url is better or English? If you are with us, we will provide you with more complete information about your loved ones. First, consider the following examples:



The difference between the above URLs is visually striking, for example if you look at the first example address you can never know what is going to happen in this article and on this page but if the address Page 2 Note that you know that this article is about SEO and its teaching. Now suppose you have a private website and it is better to use the second type of markup for your content as it will increase both the user experience and your content readers know what is going to happen on this page! But whether your address is Farsi or English doesn’t make much difference, but your English address can be better than the Persian address and have a better user experience. If you are using WordPress Content Management System you can go to Settings ->Unique links are provided so that you can select the appropriate page address, it is recommended to focus on the name of the post in this section. You should always keep in mind that your content should have a shorter URL so that users can keep up with the content of the page as well, so please note that English URLs can be more attractive And fit well into the audience’s mind.

4- Review the images and images in the article and its impact on SEO
You are undoubtedly able to create content to engage your users, but using photos, infographics, charts, videos can actually be the winning leaves for your website to see a very interesting user experience. Experience and imprison your content In this article we also tried to increase the engagement of our users by producing and producing attractive photos.


Always try to use the toolbar features in your images to optimize your image content for search engines as well, so please be sure to optimize your photos in very specific and effective ways. To influence both the speed of your site and to be a key factor.

5-Examine internal and external links and their impact on SEO
External SEO means all the activities that take place outside of your website, including the most important external SEO activity is backlinking. Try to get links from websites that are generally more powerful than your site. Also, linking that website to your website can increase the effectiveness and quality of that link.

Internal linking is just as important and valuable if your website has very good internal linking. This interaction occurs between your users and they refer to all the relevant content on your website and can Get better results.


Sometimes external linking cannot directly affect that page but it can affect your domain.

Always try to use internal linking as a matter of principle, not to use 20 to 30 internal links in a 300-word article.

Do not spam links and keep in mind that spam links can be harmful to your website because robots check it and can penalize your website if possible.

6- Interaction means a miracle between you, the user and Google:
What Does Interaction Mean? Interaction means that the user, after reading our article, can comment on it, post it on social networks and…

Excellent content can always invite shareholders as a reference, and this alone can have a huge impact on your website’s SEO and rating. So always try to design your articles to get the best results. Always use the share buttons in your article or keep the comments section active so that users can get in touch with you and ask you questions.

What is SEO Tech Checklist?
So far, we’ve been looking at things that didn’t have a technical dimension at all, but we’re going to discuss some of the most important internal SEO issues that are a little technical, and they’re called technical.

Google Console Search Tool
By far one of the most relevant and best SEO tools is Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster. This very powerful and completely free tool can provide you with key information about your website. So you can review the results and help improve your website. In other words, Google Webmaster or Google Search Console has the ability to check your website’s results in the Google search engine and provide you with more complete information. Reports such as how many Google robots come into our site, what errors are there on your site, how many people clicked on which page on what date, and all the other reports that are available and can therefore be referred to as A very useful and useful tool in SEO.


Check in at this site at least once a week and check out your previous week’s results with this week’s results, record changes and plan for them.

You can’t control your competitors with this tool unless you have access to their panel.

Website Speed ​​Tool
Website speed is always one of the top 10 most influential and influential SEO topics in a site that you should always pay attention to. And if you are looking for top Google results, always keep up to speed. Focus yourself on enhancing it so you can get a general overview of how it works by visiting https://gtmetrix.com or JTMrix and entering your website address so you can avoid the errors that you may have noticed. Fix it through this website to eventually get a better ranking in terms of speed. You may also have heard that if the site loads 5 seconds, 2 seconds, or 2 seconds, users will leave the site, but overall this is a bit tricky and you can only use a little time Don’t worry about your website speeds being over 8 to 10 seconds.


When you increase the speed of your site you are investing in the user experience in a way that users of your site can access all parts of your site more easily and without frustration.

There are always many factors in the speed of the site that can all work together to determine the speed of your website, but the most important thing is choosing the right host as well as SEO images.

Website optimization on mobile phones
Site optimization is very important for users who come to your site through their mobile phones because today we are going to be quite intuitive in increasing the number of users surfing the environment via smartphones. This is what makes Google algorithms based on the experience of users who are using your website with smartphones, but what’s important is thinking about being responsive ( Be responsive) for your website to get better results.

What is a map site?
The Sitemap site can intelligently introduce your website content to search engine robots with the authority it has in place so they can crawl and crawl all of your content. Skip Map is a great way for those large, crowded websites that are made up of many categories and products because using the Map site can easily crawl all the content of your website.

Imagine the notion that a map site can influence Google results and increase our website rankings. Using a site map can only have an indirect effect on your site’s SEO and its use and launch is highly recommended. The site format is in .xml format and is called in the following two ways:




Txt file
Robots.txt is a simple text or text file that you can even easily create using your text program in Windows. But what does the Robots.txt file look like and how does it work? This file can create a series of red lines for Google robots to prevent them from accessing some parts of your website. In general, you can tell Google’s robot that Mr. Robot is responsible for crawling all the content on my website, but don’t just crawl the pages in the Robots.txt file. Their general form is as follows.

User-agent: * (sample: Googlebot)

Disallow: / (sample: / blog /)

You don’t have enough information on this part, please don’t change it at all, it’s interesting to note that not all robots are subject to this file and spam and destructive robots ignore it.

Enable HTTPS protocol
Enabling the HTTPS protocol also has positive effects on website SEO, and it is always recommended for your loved ones to launch this security protocol on your website. When this protocol is not enabled on your website, Google will include “not secure” next to your domain in Chrome. The same can be the reason for HTTPS migration in the most popular browser in the world.


This section is also over and we hope you have extracted complete information from the SEO and technical section, so that we can answer any questions your mind may have in the comments section to ask us all your questions and vacancies so that we can We will guide you through the whole process, but now you can answer the following questions:

What is metatags and which metatags are important.
Understand the importance of keywords in practice.
What kind of URL is appropriate for the site.
The Importance of Photo and Image in SEO
Importance of internal linking and external linking
Familiarity with Search console tools, GTmetrix.com and Google tag manager tools
Map site as well as robots.txt file
If you have trouble understanding any of the above, you can re-read this section.

Section IV Basic and professional SEO content training
This is one of the most important parts of this series of SEO training from the SEO site, which definitely requires a lot of careful study, but what is content production and how can it grow a website and SEO? In this article we are going to introduce and review it. This topic is so important and important that skipping this topic actually means you are not paying attention to the whole material and practically studying the concepts of absurdity because the content is complementary to all the sections introduced. Please go ahead with SEO.

You may have heard that content is king, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need SEO when producing a purposeful and professional article, but that’s not what I have come to expect from other websites. , I’ve seen a lot of great, targeted content in different contexts, but on the second and third pages, it shows that non-SEO targeted content is practically like the gold that is beneath the surface. Is. In other words, content and SEO complement each other and one cannot achieve good results without each of them.For example, if you have comprehensive content, you won’t be able to introduce it to users or even search engines without SEO, as you use SEO to rank and rank your content among Google results, but On the other hand, you can’t get that decent result without having a genuine, targeted content on that page’s SEO. So don’t just say: Content is king! Rather, content alongside SEO can be king.

If we want to make this clear to you in another language, we should serve you the following: we cannot expect to have our content coming out on top of Google only, generating good content, without optimizing and linking It’s practically a raw and dead content, so you can’t just go up and down with good linking and site optimization without good content, so always keep in mind that SEO and content should always come together to get the desired result. And get you approved.

You may be asking yourself that we have created websites that rank well with inappropriate content, yes it is possible but it takes a lot of time and you also can’t get better consistency in this. Get rankings, for example: If another website enters the market with more complete content, you will definitely lose your place.

Don’t take SEO too hard, SEO is pretty easy, and except for what is said, there will be no secret, but you have to be a little smart and follow the principles. One of the problems with working hard is wasting time, which means more opportunities for competitors. So don’t work too hard and always keep your steps very firm and plan accordingly so you can achieve your ideal result.

What do we need to do to produce good content?
First you need to know your purpose in producing content, you need to know what kind of content you are going to produce, and what kind of topic you are going to produce. Never aim to produce content without purpose because the content must exactly fit your business principles. You first prioritize your topics and then keyword research (we’ll thoroughly introduce and review keywords in the next section). Once you have the right keywords for your business, Find out now you need to start producing original, targeted content, but how? Please join us because we are looking for SEO content. In this way you should be aware that you must produce your content with a beautiful and user-friendly title in a very straightforward and very honest language.You should also be able to create this stretch for your users in the first few lines of the article so that they can read your article well, while keeping in mind that you must use video, photos and more in your content to ensure uniformity of text. You will be eliminated and the user’s interest in reading the article will be further reinforced. Writing content can also be evaluated and monitored with the help of Search and Console toolsGoogle Analytics can evaluate your content.

What are the methods of content production?
Before we go into the topic of content in general, we need to consider a number of points. For example, you should never copy content from other sites because it can ruin your business future, no one wants to read the copy of a site, and Google is very unpopular with search robots. Can well distinguish copied content from non-copied. Always remember that to grow your business you have to be yourself and offer your unique services to your users, so please follow us on to get complete information.

Never forget that Google and users will appreciate your valuable content. So try to keep your content up to date and able to meet the needs of the user, so that you can see improvement in your work.

Create a blog section on your site
Always dedicate a portion of your site to the establishment of the blog, the results and experiences have proven that having a section or articles can have a huge impact on the ranking of a website. By virtue of this section, you can effectively tell your users about the services or differences in your business. There are also some in-store websites where blog presence can serve as a guide to product use or a more detailed description of the product. In general, blogs are a great place to clear your mind as well as troubleshoot this.

Read the following carefully:

Note that your content is not written for robots at all and try to behave naturally. Man is not a robot and his behavior can have a huge impact on the growth of your business and SEO so don’t forget this.
Always try to do field research in content production so that you can produce a purposeful and principled article based on the numbers and figures you have obtained.
Don’t think about your content being long or not, always try to season the quality.
Think of honesty as a very good principle in your work, and you should not only focus on the positive aspects of the case, but also on the positive and negative aspects of it, so that you can achieve the desired result.
Product pages on the website
For a store site, product pages can be considered one of the most important parts of it, and as a content production force you must keep in mind that transparency and integrity are always present on this page so that users will get your results. And trust what you have said. By no means, just as we mentioned in the post above, just focus on the positive side of the product! For example, you have a flower and herb shop and you need to make clear to the customer the conditions of storage and the principles of keeping it. This is where the customer trusts you and can get your product from you, but if we want to look at the product page elsewhere we can look at the importance of these pages in advertising campaigns. Another point is to not only think about your own interests but also your customers’ needs and desires.

Review a few tutorials:

One thing to keep in mind from the outset is that the speed of a website and having a proper UX or user interface can play a very positive role in giving people feedback on your website page.
Using real photos can be very helpful and effective in presenting your product.
Try using CTA buttons on your product pages so that your users can make better decisions. CTA buttons are in fact the call to action that allow your users to contact you or make a purchase.
Always avoid excessive exaggeration in your product promotion, the only way to win is to be honest in your business.
Don’t forget the reviews on the product page
As a result of my own tests and results, I have found that reviews are a very good field that users love, and that users are always looking for such articles to get that perfect result and make their product more accurate. To know. In general, never forget the positive and negative reviews and reviews of all aspects of your product so that your users can enjoy the ultimate quality and enjoyment.

Review a few tutorials:

The review should be done by someone who has a wealth of experience and expertise.
You have to do the review reasonably, not for show off!
Sufficient knowledge and knowledge in criticism can always be positive.
Always use trusted comments from other people and users in your review articles.
What kind of research articles is it?
Research articles are one of the most important articles that comes to your users’ minds and you can get reasonable results with them but what kind of research articles are? Research articles are those articles in which you conduct a field research to evaluate the results and performance of a field research and describe your results and reports in the form of a thoroughly targeted and principled article for your users. This series of articles is in the English case study “Case study” and is a case study, the other being case study. These articles, most of which have very interesting details, along with very proprietary photos, will most definitely serve your audience.

Introducing and reviewing some educational tips:

We do not have to aim for the purpose of self-expression in research articles, but we must always keep in mind that these articles must be purely purposeful.
Research articles do not always have to be about experiments and ways to go but must be the result of a person’s many experiences and failures in that long process to be able to choose what they need. These kinds of articles where there are many experiences, failures, etc. can be very useful.
Introducing tips, tricks and the right principles of content production
Most content creation is aimed at providing some guidance to your users, assuming you are at the beginning and without any guidance, do you know what the next step is and how to get it right? Definitely buy! You can only get that reasonable result when you have a guide. Now that you are familiar with the concept of a guide, you can well understand where the position of the guide articles is and how it can affect your growth and position, and another positive aspect of the guide is that you no longer need to You do not experience some of the wrong things because all the wrong ways have been tested by many and are now gathered in this article. That is, you will no longer spend a lot of time and money and in a very short time you will be able to get the desired result.

A few training tips to keep in mind!

Inserting a video into a page can have a huge impact on the interaction of people, always try to introduce your tricks in the form of a video to your users.
You should always focus on a targeted topic, not to mislead users by offering absurd and unnecessary articles that have nothing to do with your business. Always try to focus on your services and products so you can get the desired results.
List the best
Keep in mind that your users can be in any part of the country and always have time, energy, and so on so you can better read an article or introduce a product service. You can suggest articles such as top articles, trailing articles, and more. This enhances their sense of engagement and will make them feel welcome.

A few tutorials:

We have always mentioned the topic and concept of honesty from the beginning of the article, you should always consider honesty as a very good criterion, as you should not just list some of your expensive products for your own benefit. Put up bestsellers.
You can launch these on all your websites.
Another way of producing highly original and professional content is to interview different and different people working in your business. For example, you have written an article on what SEO is, and you have designed and produced a short video from SEO Product Manager, so this can be very useful for SEO enthusiasts. Also, try to do interviews with business experts and celebrities in order to increase your customer feedback.

Review a few tutorials:

Be sure to use leaders or leaders in interviewing.
Make a checklist of your most important questions and ask the same leader.
Try to get complete information about the person you are interviewing.
the video
Video is another member of the content family that you can use to engage more users. Experience has shown that people who want to upload video and upload it to their unique page, their users interact more with that page and receive better feedback. Always try to publish great videos that will benefit your users

electronic book
E-books are for the sole purpose of receiving email and email marketing. The way to do this is to provide, for example, a complete and comprehensive WordPress guide in PDF format for your users, now you should note that in this book of photos and content A very interesting method is used to attract the audience, this method is called in English lead generation.

A few tutorials:

Treat the e-book like any other book and follow its general principles and philosophy. Be sure to list the author, introduction, book editing, etc., like the appropriate listing.
Don’t forget the cover design and the inside pages of the book.
How long should the content length be? And its effect on SEO
One of your questions about content production is that we have to have a few words for our content to get the right results. Only a few years ago you could top a long article when Google algorithms were very simple. Get the results from Google but it is not the case today and after changing Google’s algorithms you can no longer get that perfect result easily but what is the solution? No longer does content matter to Google’s top priorities for better results, so you will find SEO tips in your article. For example: Set your preferences through header tags or photos and so you can get a decent result.But there are quite a few different comments and comments about the length of the content that if you talk to people you will notice that some of their views are about 180 degrees apart but if you want to rely on external sources we have to serve you a site like Medium considers a valid and purposeful article to be more than seven minutes long. On the other hand, the backlink site, one of the most important SEO resources, has also found that 2,000-word content can have a better place in Google results. It also takes an average of 7 to 9 minutes to read each 2,000-word content, but overall you should focus on your useful article.On the other hand, the backlink site, one of the most important SEO resources, has also found that 2,000-word content can have a better place in Google results. It also takes an average of 7 to 9 minutes to read each 2,000-word content, but overall you should focus on your useful article.On the other hand, the backlink site, one of the most important SEO resources, has also found that 2,000-word content can have a better place in Google results. It also takes an average of 7 to 9 minutes to read each 2,000-word content, but overall you should focus on your useful article.

Impact of duplicate and duplicate content on the site
One of the most important things that can ruin your website is the content of the copy, but to what extent can the content of the copy be harmful to your website? Unfortunately, on some websites, copying is recognized as a culture, and there is no thought behind what kind of harm you may incur to your site. So you need to know that copying from other websites in the first place can make your brand drop, and users can understand the content of the copy well, especially when your keyword competition is very low. The second consequence of your copy culture is that you simply cannot get the desired result.

But what’s the point of copying content within the site? Sometimes, for technical reasons or a general theme, some content may be reposted on your website, but if the percentage of copy in your articles is too high you can manage this well using Canonical or Redirect 301 tags. There is, of course, a section on Duplicate content on the Google blog that you can finish your questions with.

On the other hand, copying content is also a form of plagiarism, and you should avoid it if you are looking for a professional. Because copying is practically very worthless and harmful in your profession. If you intend to copy, you can use the source citation.

So finally this part of SEO training is well finished and we hope we’ve been able to provide useful information here. Thanks for joining us again, we’ll take you to the next section.

Fifth Section The keyword and its impact on SEO
But we came up with one of the most important parts of this tutorial, and practically you can’t really get that right understanding of SEO by studying it, so pay close attention to this part because we are going to Check out the section on how we can select, review and SEO your keyword for your target.
As you know, writing a very high quality and SEO article actually requires keyword research. Imagine you have a list of your keywords, and how do you actually find this list after researching it? How effective can it be? In fact, you can’t take that final step without keyword research. You need to know what your users are looking for in order to increase your website traffic and this is nothing but keyword research! But what is the keyword? Keep up with the SEO hub.

What is the keyword?
All the words, titles, names and everything that is searched on Google is a type of query, but if those queries are right for your business they are called queries. So not every word is necessarily your keyword. But the key question is how can we do keyword research? Wait a minute, the dawn is near

How is keyword research done?
You can use a variety of different ways to easily identify unique and relevant keywords for your business:

1- Google Keyword Planner tool
Google’s very professional Google Keyword Planner tool, also referred to as GKP, was one of the most useful tools for finding keywords in 2016, but from 2016 onwards Google has changed some of its algorithms. Unfortunately, the system itself disrupted this powerful tool, and it was no longer able to extract accurate statistics and accurate word search.

2 — The words of those around you and your loved ones
Many people are always on the lookout for popular and popular keywords, but keep in mind that this is usually a very difficult task and you will not be able to get the most competitive and single word results first, for this We suggest investing in words that are less competitive first. To find these words, try to get help from people around you and especially your family so you can find different words for your business. It should be noted that this method can be very time consuming but by finding keywords with this method you can almost have a very high chance of being featured on the top Google pages.

3 — Use Google!
Google itself uses a variety of algorithms to process users’ data in a way that makes it unique to its users, which then processes the user data, then uses the data obtained. From the results the users show very interesting results with the help of serp.

Investigate the necessary parameters in a keyword
As you know there are some very important parameters for a keyword that can give you amazing results, but what are these parameters:

Search volume keywords
Keywords length
Keyword Density
Keyword hardness
If you can find a long keyword or a long keyword that is relevant to your business and is highly searched by users and competitively low in that word, you have practically won. Of course there will always be less of this, but you need to check all the factors up and down.
On the other hand, you should always remember that you should not focus on a particular set of keywords at the beginning. This can harm your site’s SEO growth.

What is the keyword length or search volume?
Long tail keywords are called keywords that are longer than other market words. For example, the word SEO in Urmia is a long tail keywords but it is not a word like SEO or site design or phone shopping and… Long tail keywords. We have to admit that as you increase your keywords and get closer to Long tail keywords, your users’ search will decrease as well, but is this always a bad thing? No Sometimes these words can provide a better job market for your business so you can find your targeted customers.

Here, we recommend that you, dear ones, always use Long tail keywords and do not go for single word words at the beginning of your business. For example, if you are a music website do not go for the word “song download” at the beginning because it is very large and you cannot easily get a good rating at the start but you can Words like “Download happy Iranian song” or “Download happy Mazandaran song” and … continue your work.

Explore the keyword density concept:
In 2010, every webmaster always used his keyword abundantly in his article in order to get a better ranking in search results, for example a website wrote an article on the word song download and its administrator The site began to repeat this word repeatedly in order to get a good ranking in this article, practically using this technique it could get a better ranking in the search results.
But after a while Google’s algorithms changed in general and other websites couldn’t get high results with this method, in that it could have been due to over-repetition of a word in addition to not reading the article. It has a very bad effect on the user. Imagine repeating a keyword about 20 to 30 times after reading a 500 word text! What literary catastrophe can it create?

Nowadays these are one of the ways to penalize websites and robots can easily understand this and have a very bad effect on your website, so please don’t overdo the keyword too. Avoid yourself. Finally, remember to always publish your content for the user, not the robot!

What is the hardness of the keyword?
Once you are able to find your business keywords Your main job is really just getting started, you need to set a priority for your keywords using your list, but how? Considering the keyword difficulty or difficulty of words can help you in this very important task. Sometimes some words are so difficult and time-consuming that they don’t fit the initial budget of our business, and these difficulties have to be identified at the outset so we don’t waste our time and capital.

Always make it difficult to double down on one word and assign it a number from 0 to 100, so the closer your keyword is to 100, the more difficult your SEO will be. Being tough on a keyword means you will need to spend more money and time on low-keywords. Now you might be wondering how we can characterize a word’s difficulty? Is there a way? Yes

For example, if you are going to get enough information about the difficulty of two words, titled “Download Software” or “Download Photoshop Software”, how can you do that? In particular, there are many websites that you can use to recognize the difficulty of a word, just search the tools keyword difficulty in Google to get a list of very high-end sites. Introduce you so that you can see the difficulty of using your words.But there are other tools that you can use to analyze your competitors and get very unique results, so you can search your keyword on Google and know the competitors you want, then That way you can get some pretty cool results, but competitors are a very difficult task and you can’t do it overnight.

Important: Note that sometimes we have few competitors but they are powerful and sometimes we have a lot of competitors, though they are not very powerful.

Follow More Resources!
In order to get complete information on keyword research, we need to serve you not to ignore this article, there is so much talk that we can talk about it for hours, but what is clear This is where you can refer to other resources as well, for example the following links can be very helpful to you.

Quora and Reddit sites are recommended if you have more English words.
Persian forums are great resources for finding users’ concerns and words.
Blogs and posts from other websites can also give you a good idea.
Google Autocomplete, or Google Autocomplete, was red at the top.
Comments and feedback from users on sites are a very strong source.
Listen carefully to the phone conversations we have with our users. Good words are in the middle of their conversation.
Telegram groups can also be a good source for finding keywords intact.
As a tip from SEO that you should never continue your keyword research without writing, you should always write down all the keywords you get through research to get great results. do.

What are LSIs and what do they matter?
The use of LSIs is always very important, a term that stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. You search for a keyword on Google but don’t hit the Enter key, then you’ll see that besides your keyword, some other keywords are listed that didn’t exactly use your original keyword. Generally speaking, lsi is a family of keywords that is done by Google’s artificial intelligence. It’s interesting to know that words like “SEO”, “Site Optimization” and “Site Ranking” are a family and in a sense google. You can also find a whole bunch of ideas and keywords for your family by logging into https://lsigraph.com/ and use them in articles.

Well, the fifth part of SEO training has just finished and we hope to be able to pass on complete information to your loved ones. Please join us in the next section.

Section Six Linking
At the beginning of the work, do not be tired at the beginning, I would like to tell you dear webmaster that you have been with us in SEO so far, this is one of the most important sections of external SEO or off-page. Complementary element, internal SEO, made some great hints, but please continue with us to note the importance of the link and how it is built.

First of all, note that the main purpose of linking is actually to link between websites, but what is link building or linking? When you create a link you are practically linking, but what matters is how to do it! Search engine robots continue to crawl with these links, and SEO is very important and has always been an important factor.

What is the Importance of Linking?
Search engines find new content by backlinking and also use the link factor to rank other websites. As you know, backlinking is one of the most important SEO factors that can alone be an important factor in changing your website’s position in Google results, but we do not mean that change is always a positive change, but you can do it with a non-regular link. Bring your website to ruin, so keep in mind that linking is also very dangerous but its presence is essential.

Note that not every link is referred to as a link or backlink, and the links must be in very good condition in order to be able to exert their utmost power, such as “not all walks are walks”. This may indicate. In fact, Google’s goal is to:

For example you have a website called Website A, someone else has a website like Website B – Google wants website B to link to website A so there is no link between their administrators, practically no other website. The main purpose is to make the link natural.

What is a Backlink?
Backlinks are links that are made on different sites and the user clicks on them to your website. As you are currently reading an article on another website, you will find a section that you can click on to move to another website. That link is actually a backlink to your website Do they have many types? Yes, we will review below.

Backlink Types
Now that you are familiar with the concept of backlinks, you should know that backlinks have different types, which are divided into two very important and essential types:

NoFollow Backlink
Falcon Link (Follow)
These are the two most important types of backlinks that each have their own characteristics. But what do these two backlinks have to say? Generally speaking, these two are not backlinks, but they do give you links so that robots can understand them properly.

Fallow Link Backup Falcon Backlinks are backlinks which means linking to a backlinked website and the most important and effective backlinks are those of the Falcon type but to the Falcon backlinks, the Dofollow backlink. ) Also say. When you link from a strong website to a weak website (albeit phallus) you move all of your page link to that website page and that power will spread across all the links on that page, so whatever The fewer links on the landing page you can get a far better impact. After introducing the Nafaloo backlink with a simple example, we will clarify these two.

But how to find out if a link is Falun or Nofaloo:
You can right click on the link and click on the inspect option to easily distinguish between the Falun or Nafalu link, then click on the link to see the following features.


If you see the features above, your link will be Falu.


If you see the above feature, your link will be of the Nafalu type.

Backpacked Nafaloo
The Nefalo link backlink is also one of the other features of a link which means that the destination website is not endorsed by the source website. That is, website A does not know website B at all and does not know what content B has, so this type of linking is not harmful to any website.


Always try to update your comment links.
Falun social network links.
Promote your inbound links.
What is a text anchor?
You will see two attributes when you look at a link, a link and a name such as a search engine. As you look at the word, you can see that once you click on it, you will enter another page. You will. In fact, SEO Hub is a text anchor and its address is also known. Anchor texts are generally visible and users can click on them to enter a new page.

In the fifth section, we have introduced some keyword information to your loved ones but you can also use your keywords as a text anchor and this will undoubtedly have a huge impact on your site’s SEO but you should always be cautious. Work and do nothing without air.

When making a text anchor, always be careful not to use a single text anchor to link to the page, and always keep in mind the variety so you can get very good results. For example, in order to be able to accommodate this diversity, consider the following conditions.

Keyword and Phrase (movie download)
Brand (site name or company name)
Brand Keyword (download movie on this site)
General Words (This Page or This Software)
Address as anecdote (example.com)
Invitation to CTA Action (Click or Read)
Can Backlink Quality Affect?
Certainly yes, instead of making 100 links, try to make some quality links and we promise you that you can get great results with quality links. You should actually get backlinks from very high quality links for your website so that you can increase the power of your page to a very high degree, but keep in mind that linking to a link will also be very effective. For example you cannot get a link from a home service site to a tourism site, it is practically very unreasonable and the quality of it will not be good for your website. So always keep in mind where and how you will get the link.

There are some websites that pay attention to the quality and credibility of the websites and practically you can get high quality links by reviewing them. This practice was published by Google itself as a PageRank for any website until 2000 but to date no other PageRank is in place but good sites are in place. Among all the popular sites are the moz website as well as the Majestic website, each of which has metrics to identify a website and a good link.

Moz Page Authority – PA
Moz Domain Authority – DA
Majestic Trust Flow – TF
Majestic Citation Flow – CF
When you include a website in the above services, high execution means high quality and superior to that page or link, in which case you can identify the best page of a site and publish your article on that page. Pay. Especially if you link to edu and gov domains you can get a lot of impact.

For example, I’m going to link to a site, we’ll start by reviewing that site or that page on the Majestic website and if the Trust Flow is high it means very good links and you get links from this site or this The page can see great results.

If the Citation Flow is high, that means the number of links to this page or site is too high. But note that bad things happen when a website has a very high Citation Flow but its Trust Flow is low! We recommend that you do not link to these websites at all because that website focuses only on the quantity of its links rather than the quality of it!

Backlink relevance
In terms of linking, linking is always very important, for example the one you have on a sales website Becoming a link to a song download site can not be so fun! Get a better result.

Where is the backlink location? First, last, middle or what?
In this section, we tried to find out where and where to link, but when it comes to linking, the first question is where to link and where to link! These two issues are very important issues in this section of SEO training. As you know, a site has 4 important parts for backlinks.

site header
Site Footer
Internal content of the site
You can register your link in all of these sections, but note that each of these sections has its own unique nature.

After you have been able to identify a good website with maze and magic tools, you are now choosing the right place to put your site link, as mentioned in the post above, the right places in every site. You can link to them, these sites vary from site to footer, etc.

But generally the best place to build links is always within the content or link to a part of the site that is not loaded on any other page. All sections are the same, they are ultimately in the final stages of our linking, and their credibility is not as important as the links in the article. In a nutshell, having a link on one part of the page works better than having links on the whole site.

Some very important linking techniques:
To be honest, if we were to talk about backlinking techniques we would have to say that many techniques are outdated and you can’t use them to grow your website. There are methods such as bidirectional linking or site registration in directories, but here are some of the most important links that you can use to get really good results. .

Generate SEO content
Generating SEO content is one of the most thorough and professional ways of link building, so that your users can see it when they visit the site and identify your article as a reference article.

Social Networking:
When you are active on social networks and can post good articles here, you will always be attracted to the public, so you can get high traffic by publishing articles on your social network.

Another way to get top rankings in search results is the use of report writing. Reporting is a type of content production that will be downloaded to reputable and reputable websites for the purpose of getting links. For example, on most news websites, magazines, cars, and so on, we will see such great reporting.

Buy Link and Buy Backlinks:
One of the very common ways you can both promote and destroy your website is to buy links and buy backlinks. First, we recommend that you use a SEO expert to garner the best results to get the best results.

Find competitor links
By practicing competitor analysis with online tools like moz or ahref you can get great information from your competitors’ backlinks, and you can also get great results by placing your links on the websites that your competitors are linking to. Get interesting. Note that this is a very analytical and time-consuming task, so that you will not only get great results overnight but you will need a lot of time.

Black or gray SEO techniques
Using methods like PBN that can have a very good effect on your word rankings are some of the things that you should pay particular attention to.

However, we can conclude that link building by your users without your intervention is one of the most secure ways to utilize backlinks. This is one of the most natural ways that can greatly improve your site. So try to always be natural in your behavior so that Google’s robots are not sensitive to your site, as there may be serious harm to your site if there is any contradiction in the type of linking.

Always stick to the naturalness of the links and avoid using your inappropriate methods such as link buying and so on, spend your life and money on it, always keep in mind and try to go the natural way. Take it to Google’s approval.
We at Sohab are using PBN backlinksWe can apply power to your site so you can easily get better results with a better ranking. Note, for example, that PBN methods are very different, and of the 250 PBN maps, only 20 to 30 of them can provide effective power transfer to your website, so using other pBNs can be very serious. Create a website for you, but don’t worry, as we have a PBN backlink tutorial in place for you and your dear webmasters to get great results.

But if you seek without dangerous use Google then you will understand the tricks and tricks and finally can also enhance your website to the border of the penalty.

What is Google’s penalty?
As you can see, Google has a lot of algorithms and strengthens its algorithms every month and every once in a while. One of these algorithms is called penguin, whose task is to identify the links that are purchased and of poor quality. If you create inferior and spam links, Google will slowly change your view of your website, and you may not be in the first place, temporarily, for example 2 to 5 days in some of the negative SEO words and go down to the bottom pages. You may or may not even be on any page of results or you may not make any spam links yourself but competitors on a number of sites will do so and you should find and disavow those links.

Endpoints Section 6
You can get some great information from backlinks and link building here, but you should know that the most important conclusions in this final summary are:

Instead of trying to get 100 backlinks, focus on 10 quality links.
Try linking to relevant websites.
Explain your ink texts in the article to make it more natural.
If you are planning to buy a link, do not proceed without SEO consultants.
Always try to keep track of the location and position of your link on a website.
Don’t forget competitor analysis.
Section Seven User experience
With the last part of this article we are fully professional at your service to convey complete information about your user experience. SEO and user experience generally mean something to one another, and without user experience you can’t have a good SEO site so please join us to see how you can actually add your website to your SEO experience.

If you take a look at this comprehensive article you will find that throughout this path we have had a special look at the user experience and practically the interaction between you and your users, with the urge that the user experience always needs constant scrutiny in order to get that result. To specify.

You have a really tough job in SEO, and it can be very important to you what your users are looking for. Practically you don’t just have to think about SEO and rank rankings but you should then consolidate your position in Google results, so one of the most important factors that can change your position in Google results is the user experience or UX Is.

What is the user experience?
Let us illustrate this concept as an example. Have you ever come across a website and, for your own reasons, felt bad about it and decided to quit? It is a sense of user experience, for example you are on a website that unfortunately It does not have good images at all, fonts are unreadable, and all of this can ultimately lead to the user leaving your page.

How did you feel when you came to this page from the SEO site? Did you notice that it took months of effort and years of experience to write this long article? Did you notice the very special photos on this page? And… all of these things are finally summed up in one word and that is the user experience. This means the user has a good experience of our website and stays on the page and Google will notice this and eventually we will get higher rankings.

Font color, font size, text alignment, content quality, site structure, site behavior and actions make you look and feel great about the site; this is the same user experience.

Does the user experience only end up in SEO?
No, do not limit the user experience to SEO in any way. Worldwide the user experience is a very good thing for the advancement of anything. Look at the foreign automotive industry for example. Executives of those companies each year are looking to enhance their users’ user experience by producing a more exciting product with smoother features and this good feeling is not just in the car but in the accessories There will also be consumables and other accessories. So we can say that the user experience is by no means declining and always with us everywhere.

But let’s not get away from it! Let’s go back to SEO and site design. The user experience can be very interesting along with the content and interior design of your template, for example if a website has inappropriate literature but has a stylish look, this can have a negative impact on the customer experience. In general, the following are some of the most important user experiences.

Web design
Site Structure
Content structure
Quality of content
Shopping convenience
Site behavior
SEO technical stuff like site speed
Support at the moment site
Web Development and Updates
But the user experience is not always in line with SEO and in some cases it is completely in conflict with SEO and the reason is that in some cases the user experience is very good but in terms of SEO. Practically you cannot be seen without SEO, so keep in mind that you must first listen to your SEO’s needs to see them and then tailor your user experience.

You can use techniques like infinite scroll on your page, this feature is similar to the Pinterest site so you can scroll through the content or images on that page. Or you can use Ajax Pagination Technique, using Ajax Pagination can eventually load a page that is only loaded in the same area and no longer need to load the entire page, for example, to view the products of a If you go to second and third pages, then the whole page will not be loaded for you, but you will move to other pages with just a nice graphical mode.

Just like you can use up-to-date techniques on your website, such as SPA on the site with the help of Angular, vueJS, etc. Using these techniques can deliver a great experience to your users. Slow.

Don’t forget to use Google Analytics, you can extract amazing and amazing data with this service, but until you know how to use it, you can’t get what you want. Earn. If you don’t know how to use this tool, don’t use it at all.

Review and concept of measuring user engagement in Google Analytics
You need to check the data and statistics of all the pages of your website so that you can get very effective results. For example, you should notice how much users interacted on this page of your site? What was the difference between this page and the previous one? If we have regress, what is the reason for it and…. There are some options on your Google Analytics page that can greatly impact your understanding of your users’ experience with concepts such as “Bounce rate”, “Pages / session” and “Avg.” session duration ”is one of the most important things you should consider as a webmaster.

Video recording and thermal mapping of user behavior
Have you ever had anything on the heat map? The Heatmap is a color-tone imaging that allows you to monitor users’ behavior over a given period of time. Basically, it shows the areas where users interact the most with warm colors like yellow, orange, and red, and those that have less interaction with cool colors, such as blue and purple. But sites like Hotjar and Smartlook are some of the most reputable websites that can provide you with very good service. You can also record users’ behavior on your website with these tools. This is one of the great and exciting ways you can actually get great results with it.The free version of the Hotjar site limits your recording, but the free version of the Smartlook site limits your timing and can produce an infinite number of your users.

Heatmap and Recordings are two very important things that can be very important to use. The heat map shows what is important to the users, and the movie also shows what your users behave like! What’s better than this ??

But one thing: If you have an active, high-profile website, enable the video recording capability of users only in important parts of your website.