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With iMiner, it is possible to do bitcoin mining even with $1! – world science

With iMiner, it is possible to do bitcoin mining even with $1!

iMiner is the first and leading miner rental system that helps you extract bitcoin and make money from bitcoin in dollars without any need to technical knowledge or spending much time. We will tell you how in the following lines:

You have surely heard about cryptocurrency and such technical terms as extracting bitcoin (mining), and perhaps you know how beneficial and resourceful is to work in this business. But most probably you have not entered the business for lack of technical knowledge or affordability to buy a miner machine. Perhaps you would not waste a minute to get to work if you did not face the two obstacles!

Read the following sentence carefully: “Extract bitcoin without any technical knowledge and without any surcharges for miner purchasing.” In the following lines, we will introduce the easiest way for earning dollars through iMiner.net, while familiarizing you with the miner rent and purchasing platform. Get our one-hour free miner service after registration in iMiner.net.

It also bears mentioning that according to the forecasts on this cryptocurrency by the IT, trade and cryptocurrency experts, it is predicted that the price of this popular cryptocurrency will soar in mid-run (or even in the short run). Therefore, it is recommended to register in iMiner as soon as possible.

Miner Rent Tutorial at iMiner.net

iMiner multinational brand is one of the first and most reputable miner rental and purchasing systems currently active in Turkey, Russia, Canada and the United States. Thanks to its 7-year experience and a 300-member team of people specialized in cryptocurrency, iMiner is definitely one of the most trustable companies for your investment. For those wishing to earn money at the shortest possible time, iMiner.net can be the best Miner Rental System.

To begin with renting a miner, click on iMiner.net to enter the website. On the homepage, click on “Register” to get the login form. Click on “Register” again (1 and 2 in the following image).

Registration in this system is so easy. Just fill in the blanks with your given name, family name, e-mail address, and preferred password. Then click on “Register” to join the large and international iMiner family (3 in the following image).

After registration and login, you will have a dashboard like the following image. To rent a bitcoin miner, click on “Extract” in the sliding menu. The Extract services include “Rent Turkish Farm”, and “Buy Miner”.

Clicking on the preferred farm, you will get a list of available miners. After a cost-revenue analysis, select your miner and click on “Add to the basket” (following image).

After the basket stage, you will get a preliminary page of miner purchase displaying miner specifications. On this page, you must specify the time period and number of miners and then click on “Purchase” button (6 below).

The final invoice will be issued after finishing stage 6. If your online account balance is positive, you can click on “Payment by digital wallet” to pay the invoice, otherwise you can pay through Shetab Banking System for card-based transactions or via “Bitcoin payment” (7 below).

Well, it is done! So easily you could rent miner and extract bitcoin from iMiner, the most advanced and reputable bitcoin extracting farm. Now, your miner will be automatically connected to the network to make money for you in dollars.

Your miners have been listed in “My Miners” page and you can both see online earnings and take any amount out of your account through this page. At any moment you can transfer your earnings to your digital wallet and purchase new miners while paying through the wallet.

You can also register requests for withdrawal of money at any time by clicking on “Financial Affairs”. In this case, the balance in your account will be deposited into your Bitcoin wallet.

In case of any problem with either of the aforesaid stages, or any need for free of charge advice, iMiner experts are ready round the clock to help you. They are also accessible through “Contact” page.

To log in iMiner website and to begin bitcoin mining or rent Bitcoin miner click on the following: