Advances in Physics and Applications of Optically and Thermally Stimulated Luminescence

Pages: 528



  • Chapter 2: (PDF Available)
    Recent Advances in the Theory of Quantum Tunneling for Luminescence Phenomena (Vasilis Pagonis)


  • Chapter 3:
    Modeling the Effects of Ionization Density in Thermoluminescence Mechanisms and Dosimetry (Yigal S Horowitz, Leonid Oster and Ilan Eliyahu)


  • Chapter 4:
    Thermally Assisted Optically Stimulated Luminescence (TA – OSL) (George S Polymeris and George Kitis)


  • Chapter 5:
    Luminescence and Defects in Quartz (Marco Martini and Mauro Fasoli)


  • Chapter 6:
    Recent Experiments and Theory of OSL (Alicja Chruścińska)


  • Chapter 7:
    Time-resolved Luminescence: Progress in Development of Theory and Analytical Methods (Makaiko L Chithambo)


  • Chapter 8:
    Thermoluminescent Dosimetry of Cosmic Radiation in Space (Paweł Bilski)


  • Chapter 9:
    Luminescence Measurements for Retrospective Dosimetry (Stephen W S McKeever and Sergey Sholom)


  • Chapter 10:
    TL/OSL Dating (Sheng-Hua Li and Bo Li)


  • Chapter 11:
    Fundamentals of Luminescence Photo- and Thermochronometry (Benny Guralnik and Reza Sohbati)


  • Chapter 12:
    Medical Applications of Luminescent Materials (Larry A DeWerd, Cliff Hammer and Stephen Kry)