April 2014
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Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know I did!:) I left school on Friday and headed home for the weekend! The drive was not too bad because I did not hit too much traffic, which is always a bonus!

When I arrived home I immediately ran to the snack cabinet…but no worries I had a delicious home cooked meal that night…salmon to be exact! I forgot how much I loved my mom’s cooking. That night I caught up with my family and chatted at the dinner table for hours while taking mini breaks to throw in a load of laundry. Thats another benefit when going home…free laundry!

One of my goals for the weekend was to catch up on sleep so I went to bed fairly early. On Saturday I woke up and had a big brunch with my family. I was in charge of the toast and muffins while my dad covered the scrambled eggs.

Saturday was gorgeous out so I played some basketball with the family…a little old school knock out. It was so much fun! Then I went for a run with my brother-luckily I was able to keep up. After the run, I was able to chill and hang out for a little until dinner.

After dinner, my brothers and I played this game we found called cantor! I am currently obsessed with this game! I would say it is a combination of Risk and Monopoly…so it’s a great game. Best part is…it’s actually playable. The game only lasted about 2 hours…unlike Risk which can take over 4 hours. After that I was kinda exhausted to I hit the hay.

The following morning was Easter! I dyed an Easter egg and I made it into a Minion from Despicable Me! It was so cute! We went to my Aunts house for dinner and had our usual Easter Dinner, Lamb with green beans, and baked potatoes! After dinner I had to make my way back to McDaniel. So I loaded my car with all my laundry, snacks from home, and was on my way! Luckily, I did not have too much homework. But all in all, Easter was a success!

Why I Picked McDaniel

Hi guys,

D-Day for high school seniors going to college–May 1–is coming up and I know a lot of my friends are struggling to decide where they want to spend their college career. This makes me reflect on my own experience in picking a college.

I was that obnoxious kid everyone hated who submitted all her college apps waaay early, on Halloween. I had spent all summer working on those apps and was ready to go. The benefit to this was that I had heard back from all of my schools except for one by mid January, which was quite a relief. My early decision school didn’t work out financially, but I was left with quite a few options. As I’m from California and the schools I was considering were all on the East Coast, I took a week off school in March to come and visit, tour, and stay overnight at as many schools I could.

Besides, who could resist these sunsets?

Besides, who could resist these sunsets?

When I visited McDaniel, I shadowed Dr. Mangan’s Creative Writing: Poetry class and basically spent the whole class period crying of happiness and joy at the fact that such a class existed. I was able to participate and offer input on the poems students had brought to share and I was impressed by the quality of the work, and by the methods Dr. Mangan had been teaching them. She made me feel like part of the class, and afterwards shepherded me around to meet other members of the department. I’m taking her Creative Writing: Fiction class next semester and I can hardly wait.

I then met with Dr. Naumov from the computer science department. I had been semi-considering a English-Computer Science double major, but I had a great fear of math. He spoke with me for half an hour and had convinced me that I would be amazing at math if I just gave it a try and I would have no problem with the major. His confidence was inspiring, and I thought it was wonderful that teachers actually took time out of their days to meet with prospective students. I’m minoring in Computer Science and taking his class now.

Additionally, when I walked out of Hill Hall looking for Lewis Recitation Hall, a random student started talking to me and tried to tell me I should be a Political Science major. At the time, I was planning to minor (though now I am a major), and it was great to hear from the average student. I was also flattered that he thought I was an actual student, not a prospective!

Though I really liked many of the other schools, my mum and I kind of looked at each other when we met up at the end of the day and I knew then that we were going to make McDaniel work.  And so far, though I may complain about the lack of Trader Joe’s stores nearby, I’m definitely glad I made that decision.

Good luck!



A Weekend to Relax

As a track athlete, I usually have meets on the weekends, but our last two meets before conferences are on Wednesdays, which means that last weekend was finally one in which I had two days to get things done and relax instead of one. I also have this weekend to do that, which is lovely since this Wednesday is our last meet (and our home meet!), which means I’ll be doing a lot of resting and a lot of preparing for presentations and writing papers and designing websites and…well, homework this weekend. Having a meet would make that a lot more difficult.

Last Saturday, I went to a Westminster Little League baseball game to support my coach’s son, and it was great to be there since I used to enjoy going to my brother’s games when we were younger. It was also neat to that high school students were given the opportunity to be umps for the game.

After that, I worked on a paper, and then I went to see the Evil Dead with my roommate a few friends. It was really good, with some great singing, wonderful acting, and amusing lines. It’s not my favorite musical, but it was done very well.

I spent Sunday doing homework, exercising, and watching Doctor Who, which was just as successful and relaxing a day as Saturday, despite the lack of a baseball game or musical.

A busy week for English majors

This week happens to be a good week to be an English major! (And in a sense, a bad week, since I have to figure out how to balance all the cool English major events I’m going to with all of my demanding yet rewarding English major homework–lots of reading and writing still needs to be accomplished before the end of the semester.)

On Wednesday afternoon, English majors, English professors, and other interested students will convene in Red Square for the English department’s annual Shakespeare in the Square event. This event is hosted by Lambda Iota Tau (LIT), the literature honor society on campus, and students perform bits of Shakespeare and read sonnets and do other readings and performances in honor of the Bard–who happens to be turning the big 4-5-o this year. I went last year for the first time and had a lot of fun; I even read a sonnet (though I can’t remember for the life of me which one I read). I’d like to read something this year too, but I have no clue what to pick. Hopefully I’ll figure something out.

On Thursday afternoon, this year’s issue of Contrast, McDaniel’s literary magazine will be unveiled. I always enjoy going to the Contrast unveiling. I help judge submissions for Contrast, but the pieces I read do not have authors’ names attached to them, so it’s always fun for me to go pick up the new issue and find out who wrote what. I also enjoy listening to people reading their work aloud and mingling with some of my favorite people. And this year’s Contrast unveiling promises refreshments in the form of tiny quiche.

Soon after the Contrast unveiling, three of my fellow English majors and I will pile into a car and go participate in Carroll Literacy Council’s annual spelling bee. This will be my third year on the English department’s spelling bee team, and going to the spelling bee is always an enjoyable and memorable experience. When I was a freshman, our team got second place (with no help from me, since I was the team alternate) and last year, we got fourth place.

The English department is known around campus for issuing funny English major-themed t-shirts, which are given to graduating English majors each year. But as a spelling bee participant, I have an old senior shirt, which serves as my spelling bee uniform. It’s tie-dye and says, “I like big books and I cannot lie,” so when we go to the spelling bee, we McDaniel English majors always stand out.

IMG_0414 (800x600)

Here’s last year’s glorious McDaniel English spelling bee team (with English professor Dr. Mary wearing the Green Terror head). I’m looking forward to some spelling bee fun and success later this week!

Easter Through the Years

My fellow McBlogger, Steph Glassick, talked about her experiences of having Easter away from home and I thought I would join in on that topic. She is from California and I am from Colorado, so we both cannot go home for the weekend.

Luckily, I have an aunt and uncle that live in Alexandria, Virginia, and it is only about an hour and a half away.  I went to their house for Easter freshmen year and I am here now for this Easter Sunday. They have a three year old named Brody, so it is fun doing Easter activities with him! Today, we went to the Children’s Mass and then we visited their friend’s house for lunch. They had so much delicious food! The little kids also did an Easter egg hunt and that was so cute to watch :)

Sophomore year, I was studying abroad during Easter. I actually spent most of Easter Sunday in the airport, flying from Italy back to Hungary. However, the day before, I was with my two friends in Italy and Lucia  (who is a native Italian) bought us the tradition chocolate Easter eggs that they have. There is a little toy inside the middle of the chocolate egg! It was cool being a part of another culture’s traditions for Easter.

Junior year I decided to spend Easter with my roommate and fellow McBlogger, Maria Brew. Her family is so kind and welcoming, and I had a great time spending the weekend with them. We had a beautiful Easter dinner and ate so much food!

I am fortunate to have several options for Easter, that I do not usually get homesick around this time. Of course, I would love to be at home, but I have family close by and my friends’ families are my second families. I hope everyone had a happy Easter!