October 2014
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Late Night Pancake Breakfast

Hi there!

One of the many fabulous things about Residence Life at McDaniel is the events they throw, in particular the late night events usually held on Thursday or Friday nights. This past Friday saw Late Night Breakfast and Bingo.

We set up a griddle and were flipping pancakes all evening, and we also had cereal, milk, and juice. I tried butter syrup for the first time–I’m a golden syrup New Zealander myself, and the idea of something already so sugary flavoured with butter amused me. It didn’t exactly taste bad, but I’m still not a pancake eater. Cooking them is half the fun, in my opinion!

One thing I particularly enjoyed about this event as opposed to others was how people stayed for most of the time to play bingo instead of coming for only half an hour or so. I feel like I really got to actually interact with other attendees from other grades that I hadn’t met before. There were prizes of giftcards, candy, DVDs, and even speakers to incentivize the game.

At the end, we had a really intense game of musical chairs that got very competitive but served as a lovely closer to the night.


Put your stress in a ball!

Hey there,

Another one of ANW’s fabulous events happened last Thursday. “Put your stress in a ball” was an event designed to relieve stress post-midterms and to open dialogue about how residents can manage their stress before the end of the semester papers and tests hit.

We had a station set up for making stress balls using rice, balloons, and funnels. Many of my residents got the knack of making these relatively quickly. I, however, had a lot of issues transferring rice from the funnel to the balloon, and I might have caused myself more stress in the process of making my stress ball. Once I had finally finished, I gave it a face and promptly named it after our head RA.

We had s’mores cookies, hot chocolate, and music playing so people could stay around and chat. Together, we made a lovely poster board of the various ways ANW decreases stress, and it was a ton of fun.


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Extracurriculars: AKA How to Fill Your Free Time

There are hundreds of extracurriculars to get involved in on campus, from intramural sports to sports teams and clubs to campus events. It’s a great way to meet people, share ideas, learn, and spend some free time doing something other than watching Netflix.

I’m involved in plenty of things outside of my classes that I really enjoy, and I’m always looking to add more things to do.

I’m the copy editor of the McDaniel Free Press and a Student Athlete Advisory Committee representative for the women’s cross country and track and field teams, which I also compete for. I’m a notetaker, peer mentor, and E-Ambassador, and I work study at the public library. I also participate in Contrast and am looking to get involved in a few other clubs, such as Humans VS Zombies and a ballroom dance club that is in the process of being formed on campus. To finish that off, I’m a member of the Honors Program and the honors society, Alpha Lambda Delta, which have events throughout the year.

I’m also working on a paper for a conference, an article for a magazine, and the application for a Critical Language Scholarship.

As you can see, there’s enough things on campus to keep you as busy as you want to be. There’s even a Happiness Club now for anyone that just wants to goof around; last I saw them they decorated Red Square and surrounding sidewalk with chalk.

My extracurriculars make my time here a lot better than if I was just here for the work, even though they take up a significant portion of my time.


Michigan, Ohio, and best friends


Hey guys,

After my MSL conference on Saturday, I had my friends drop me off at Shady Grove station. They were on their way to New York City, but I was on my way to Dulles airport. I spent a lovely night at the airport not sleeping at all, and since I failed to find a plug to charge my laptop, ended up reading a book all night long. It was all worth it when I stepped onto a plane at 6AM Sunday morning and took off to Detroit, Michigan. I’d been looking forward to this since the start of the year when I had found ridiculously cheap plane tickets.

My best friend, who I met in Yellowstone this summer, met me at the airport and a lot of tears ensued. It’s crazy how close you can get to someone in just a summer. I love my McDaniel friends to death, but seeing her was definitely the best few days of the semester so far.

We went to Ohio that night. I feel like that should mean we took a seven hour drive somewhere, but we really only travelled for an hour. There, we met up with another one of our friends from Yellowstone. We skyped in a fourth and marvelled over the weirdness of being together while not in the park. On Monday, we met up with another friend, who I had known from two seasons in the park.

My friend got a puppy after she left the park. I’m allergic to dogs, but I took anti-allergy pills and got to play with him a ton–he’s such a sweetie, but he loves to chew on everything and he is humongous for a puppy. Leaving him early Tuesday morning was almost as hard as leaving my friend.

I love McDaniel, but I really needed to get out of the state, and seeing my Yellowstone friends could not have been a better use of my time.



Lake Erie


Lake Erie


My friend’s dog, Meeko

Fall Visit Day

Friday was a beautiful fall day at McDaniel--perfect for a fall visit day.

Friday was a beautiful fall day at McDaniel–perfect for a fall visit day.

One of my favorite things to do with my time is work for admissions. It is a really great job on campus that allows for flexibility in my schedule. I get to give tours to prospective students, and I meet a lot of the future Green Terrors before they make their decision to come to McDaniel.

On Friday, we had one of our Fall Visit Days, and I got to give a student tour. All of them were from Maryland, and it was their first McDaniel visit for most of them. One girl was in two bowling leagues. The guys played a few sports. The other girl was interested in theatre and business. It was fun walking around and talking to them about all the cool things we have at McDaniel.

Because the tour finished early, we sat outside and talked for a bit. I learned about what they liked to do for fun, about their favorites movies, etc. After our talk, I took them to class. It sounded pretty interesting, and it’s taught by a cool professor. I think that if you get the chance to visit McDaniel, Fall Visit Days are always a fun time.