April 2014
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Easter and being away from home

Easter is right around the corner and whether you celebrate it or not it is still a good weekend to go home and get away from school. Since I am so far from home I unfortunately cannot make it there and back in a weekend.

Good news though, I have an Aunt that lives about 30 minutes away in Littlestown, PA. Both my Freshmen and Sophomore years I was able to go up to her house for Easter and still be with family. This year I will be doing the same. I am looking forward to some home cooked meals and spending time with my cousins!

Last year I had a little bit of a different experience since I was abroad. My mom came to visit and it just happened to be Easter weekend when she first arrived. I originally had nothing planned for us but then decided I should make her an Easter basket. I enjoyed finding little things about Budapest that were traditionally Hungarian items. We also went to the Basilica on Easter Sunday. Although the whole service was in Hungarian it was still pretty amazing. Plus, the only way to see the inside of the Basilica is if you go to church, what a better way to show my mom then on Easter Sunday.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I know I will!

EVIL DEAD: The Musical

Tonight I got to see McDaniel’s theatre department put on EVIL DEAD: The Musical, a musical based on the Evil Dead movie trilogy. I like comedy, I know a lot of people in Evil Dead, and it’s McDaniel’s last show of the year, so naturally, I had to go see it.

The show was hilarious and the music numbers were catchy. Everyone kept swearing and dying, zombies sang and danced, and the main character ended up with a chainsaw for a hand–What’s not to love?

McDaniel’s theatre department may be small, but they put on a few shows a semester and they do a good job making sure different genres are represented each semester. That way, theatre majors can have experience in all different types of shows, from period dramas to Shakespeare to comedies and musicals–yes, even musicals about living dead people. Students don’t even have to be theatre majors to participate.

If you happen to live anywhere near Westminster and you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I highly recommend going to see Evil Dead, which you can catch Friday or Saturday night at 7:30 in Alumni Hall–just try not to be bitten by any zombies!


Skype is one of my favorite things. It allows me to see my parents and friends while they are abroad.

This past Sunday I was able to skype with my parents and a family friend while they were having dinner. Although I love it here on The Hill sometimes I do get homesick. By being able to skype I am able to see my parents and this tends to help.

I also was able to skype one of my friends while she is abroad in Budapest. As she told me about her recent adventures I was able to share stories with her about what was going on on campus as well.

I remember trying to skype one of my friends while I was abroad. We could not get the connection to last longer then 5 minutes to save our lives. Although we talked to 5 minutes then hung out and called again and again and again we still were able to talk and hear about what was going on with each other.

What I am trying to say is that if you are going far away from home or looking to study abroad but are afraid of missing everyone to much there is a solution. Skype has helped me and several of my friends and I strongly suggest everyone gets one before coming to college.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Archery 101

Hey all! Ever since my freshmen year I have always seen the archery gym class taking place on the soccer fields and have always been jealous! Every year I tell myself that I will take that class at some point before I graduate. Well the time has come at last! And archery is as cool as it sounds. Each person gets a bow and and five arrows. I am one of the few that uses a lefty bow so I face the opposite direction as everyone else. Other than that, nothing is too different.

I love how our school offers these amazing gym classes! Where else would I learn to do archery? So far I have only had 2 classes, but they have been so much fun! Two of my good friends are also taking the class, which makes it ten times better! Plus, not gonna lie….I kinda feel like Katnis from the hunger games when I shot the arrows! Anyway, students should definitely take advantage of the gym classes offered here at McDaniel!

Hiring New Professors

Hi guys,

I’m not sure how other departments do it, but the political science department likes to get students involved with the process of hiring new teachers. Sadly, a few of our professors are retiring and moving on next year. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend guest presentations given by candidates for our visiting professor position.

It was really exciting to meet potential professors. Both gave really interesting presentations; even though I was basically attending extra classes, I enjoyed myself so it was by no means a hardship. The attending students were given forms to fill out in order to provide feedback on the candidates. I really love how the department and the school administration takes into consideration the thoughts of students, since we will be the people who learn from the person who is hired and since we might notice things that the faculty might not.

Both candidates were really well qualified and I enjoyed their presentations, so I’m glad that I don’t have to make the tough hiring decisions!