December 2012
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Dinner at McDaniel’s Own White House

Last week, I was invited to go to dinner at the President’s House, along with the other tour guides.  This was my second time having dinner at the President’s House and I was very excited to go!  Dr. Roger Casey, our President, and his wife Robyn were super welcoming to all of us!  Their house […]

A Gig and a Festive Evening

Today is the last Sunday of my fall undergraduate career. It’s been pretty fun. After going to a local church with a group of friends and being serenaded with Christmas songs, I got to practice violin for an hour (which is exciting in my case because I actually feel like I’m getting pretty good), grab […]

Finals Incoming

So this weekend I am home instead of on campus so that I can study for finals and work on my last final paper effectively. This week was the last week of classes and everything finished up pretty well. I got all of my papers except for the one that is not due until Monday […]

Scuba Diving the World! Bonaire

Picture clear, blue waters, white sand and a tropical beach with lounge chairs waiting for you to relax under some shade and read a good book. Your only two activities for the day involve going on two dives beneath the warm waters to explore the colorful reef below ( maybe, today is the lucky day […]

Am I Ready?

This may be one of the most stressful weeks of the semester for every college student. Freshman have their first Finals Week fast approaching, Sophomores and Juniors are writing term papers and gathering study materials for their own finals and many Seniors are wrapping up their Senior Capstone projects. To put it simply, everyone is […]