Still Having Fun on the Hill

Back on the hill, and it feels so good. A month away from anything can really bring you to miss it. I decided I would use this blog to list everything that’s new in our little community. To begin with, it is FREEZING! Though it very well might have been this cold last Winter, it certainly didn’t catch my attention like it is this semester. What sucks, yes it is the only thing that I will ever say sucks about McDaniel, about being on top of a hill is that the wind cuts across campus and in between buildings without a hinge. The cold isn’t even bad, it’s really just that cold Westminster wind.

In other news, the sororities have all begun preparation for their rush week which is essentially a chance for girls who are interested in going Greek to meet the sisters from each of the four sororities on campus. Girls can’t pledge any sorority until they have visited all four. The school also gets to keep an eye on the pledge process to limit hazing and other unseemly conduct.

The renovation of the football stadium has finally been completed, and actually looks pretty sweet. I think a lot of students were bitter because the school funded such an expensive renovation while the dorms demand major renovations of their own. The fact is that the money for the project was donated from an external source, an alumni, who wanted to see a nice stadium where the reminiscent-of-high-school-bleachers that used to be there stood. I like the look of the stadium but I’m of the mindset that the school needs to encourage alumni to donate to the cause of dorm refurbishing over athletic facilities. Meanwhile I guess I can look forward to North Village or Gardens housing. Neither are 5 star resorts but they look and smell a whole lot nicer than ANW.

So there’s a quick synopsis on the ongoings of the hill. Still plenty to look forward to with the new library renovation and talk of some upgraded classrooms. One thing for sure is tha McDaniel is really growing and changing and in a rough economy like this one, that’s a nice thing to see.

Amia, Internships, and Homework, Oh My!

So, I am currently in a conversational Arabic class as part of my major. I am working on a brief dialogue with a partner tonight and it was a lot of fun working on it although it is challenging to switch between the formal language and the spoken language at times. I am enjoying working on the slight modifications to pronunciations and also the variety of new words that just make the language as a whole easier. I need to re-write the dialogue yet tonight, but I am not too worried about the presentation in class tomorrow because my partner and I both seem to have at least a general understanding of the new principles and really just need to work on making the words flow.

I was supposed to have an interview tomorrow for an internship, but they have to reschedule. I am actually partially glad because I did not get a lot of sleep last night and the interview was very early in the morning, however, I am nervous for the interview and would have liked to get past the interview stage and closer to a decision. Nevertheless, I am excited for the chance to get this internship and I will definitely be looking forward to a decision once we are able to schedule the interview.

My week is going to be very busy because I am trying to get ahead in my homework because I have Model UN next week starting on Wednesday. I cannot wait for the conference, I had a lot of fun last year and I know I will this year as well. Plus, I will get to meet people from various countries and also from around the country. But in the meantime, I am trying to get 2 weeks of homework done in a week so that I will not have much to worry about during Model UN in regards to McDaniel homework. The work load really is not too bad, but I certainly have a lot of reading to do in the next few days.

Nevertheless, this should be a great week and I am looking forward to seeing what comes up to break up the long readings and all the fun I can have. Oh! The Anime Club also picked an official logo and based on shirts on its color scheme. I’ll post a picture of the shirts once they have been made, but here is the club logo which I designed based on the Kanji symbol of Japan.

Owls Neon Green