April 2013
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An Adventure at Camp Hashawha

Through my student teaching internship at Shiloh Middle School, I was given the incredible opportunity to accompany my students at Outdoors School, which is held at a nature center called Camp Hashawha.  Outdoors School is a program that Carroll County holds which gives every 6th grader in the county the chance to spend a week […]

The Wonderful CEO Office

If there’s one office you want to make sure you get to know early on in your McDaniel career, it’s the Center for Experience and Opportunity, otherwise known as the CEO.  The wonderful people in this office can help you with internship opportunities  part-time jobs, community service opportunities, resume building, mock interviews, and the ever-stressful job […]

Let the Greek Games Commence!

Monday around 4:30, the opening ceremonies for Greek Week were held on the ANW quad. Each year this tradition serves to commemorate the spirit of interfraternal togetherness and competition. Monday was simple field games like tug-of-war, water bucket relay, hoola-hoop passing, and a crazy relay where one person spins around a bat the runs […]

English majors CAN get jobs!

On Monday night, I had the chance to go to a networking event organized for the English department and the Center for Experience and Opportunity (CEO) called “What can I do with an English Major?” The event featured a panel of six McDaniel alumni who were English majors when they went to school here.

The […]

Contrast and Free Press upgrading space

Our two main student publications on campus are the Free Press, which is the student newspaper, and Contrast, our literary magazine. I’ve been involved with the newspaper since I was a freshman, and next year will be my third year as the News Editor. I’ve also become involved with Contrast during this year and will […]