January 2014
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About Me: Steph Glassick

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has taken me SOOO long to post something! I have been wrapped up in my Jan Term class and getting my last semester started.

To start I’ll tell you all a little about myself.

I am Steph Glassick, a senior here at McDaniel College. I am from West Hills, California which […]

Well, hello!

Hello, McBlog readers!

My apologies for the delay in my introduction, but I was off taking advantage of my liberal arts education traveling across England, Romania, and Turkey for 3 weeks with Drs Kachur and McIntyre hunting Dracula (yes, really).┬áNot to mention, I’m a second semester Senior, so naturally Senioritis set in about three months […]

Jan Term

Hi guys!

These past three weeks I’ve been on campus for Jan Term. It’s flown surprisingly fast, and I’m quite annoyed for time since I was excited to read a lot of books (I recently discovered John Irving, who is the most amazing author on the planet) and play some music and have general down […]

First day, first aid

It’s been a pretty smooth first day of spring classes here for me on the Hill, and no, in case the title of this post made you worried, I did not have to perform first aid.

BUT my very first class of the day was the first aid and CPR class I’m taking to finish […]

Working Out – No Gym Necessary

Hi guys.

So now that I am a “retired” soccer player since my fall senior season is done, I have been figuring out exercising without off-season workout packets. I also know that it is difficult to get a gym membership during Jan term or other breaks. Luckily, I made a great discovery over this break […]