February 2014
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Vegetarianism/Veganism in Westminster

If you’re on a restricted diet, dining options in your college town can play a pretty big role in where you choose to go. For all of my veggie friends out there who are interested in McDaniel, I’d like to give a rundown of good local restaurants. (I’ve also written about vegetarianism on campus: check […]

Mac and Cheese: Homemade Style

Hey all,

Back in high school, I used to make myself a big bowl of macaroni and cheese to eat for breakfast for a week. I don’t like typical breakfast foods (I swear, I’m still human!) like pancakes, waffles, or cereal, so I’ve always struggled to actually force myself to eat in the mornings. Lately, […]

Senior Seminar Project for English

The senior seminar–referred to as the Capstone Experience in the McDaniel Plan–serves as a chance to apply what they have learned in classes in their major to a larger project. The project varies depending on the program of study; some majors will work on a research project and show their findings at a poster presentation, […]

Griswold-Zepp Award

Ever have an idea for a service project, but no idea how to fund it? In college, there’s are various ways to obtain funding to make philanthropic dreams into reality.

Specifically at McDaniel, students apply each year for the Griswold-Zepp award in order to fund their volunteer projects. This year, Palabras to Words, McDaniel’s TESOL […]

Scrabble Madness!

Are you a word nerd? Do you have a competitive edge? Do you like playing games and benefiting good causes? If you said yes to any of those questions, Scrabble Madness is your kind of tournament.

I first heard of Scrabble Madness when I was a prospective student. I sat in on a Shakespeare […]