November 2014
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Classes for next Year

So, this past week I got to register for my classes for next semester. First of all, I am taking both of my senior seminars next semester. That is Political Science and Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies. I am also working on the Honor’s for both of my majors next semester. On top of that, I am […]

First Year Appreciation Week and Allies Week

So, this week is both first year appreciation week and allies week this week. For first year appreciation, they are doing a bunch of different events and also posted a bunch of different signs around campus. Today’s event was the Amazing Race. They had the option to win a bunch of prizes and just had […]

Field Trip!

So, this week was fairly normal; but I still had a lot of fun. The highlight of my week was actually a field trip into Washington DC as part of my Arabic Class. We went to various different locations throughout the city and I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot about […]

Time to Sleep

So, the nicest thing about the last few days was the with the con past I was able to get a lot of sleep and rest. I enjoyed the con and con planning a lot, but I don’t think it hit me right away how tired I was. My favorite part of the convention was […]


So, the anime con that I have been waiting for all semester finally occurred today. I have a lot of pictures, so once I have time to gather them all; I will post some for anyone who wants to see them. The con went extremely well. The art students who were selling their work were […]