November 2014
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Fall Visit Day!

A view of Little Baker Chapel and the theater – typically the area where tours begin

It was a beautiful day for Fall Visit Day on Friday! The morning was even a little bit too cold! But nonetheless, families poured into our parking lots coming to tour McDaniel and find out more about what […]

Classes I’m Taking This Semester

In a weird change of pace, I’m not taking any reading heavy or paper heavy classes this semester. Instead, I’m in Digital Photography, New Media Writing, Chinese, my FYS, and Grammar and Usage.

Digital Photography is all about learning to use the settings on my camera, taking pictures, and editing those pictures so they look […]

Just a Normal Day in Class…

If you have examined the components of the McDaniel Plan, you were probably either thrilled or terrified when you noticed the “Creative Expression” requirement. Even if you are not an inherently artistic person, there are still a variety of classes that you might find bearable (or maybe even fun) such as Jewelry Design, or, the […]

Novel Moments

When I was a freshman, I was under the impression that when I got to college, I would have large amounts of free time. I quickly realized that college still involved work. Hence, as my amount of free time began to dwindle so did the number of books I have read.

However, I had a […]

Arabian Nights

Me with my Riqq (tambourine) :)

Every day, I wake up with Arabian drumming patterns stuck in my head.  Not because I have Aladdin DVRed on my TV and saved for all of eternity (though I do), but because Global Drumming Traditions happens to be a part of my crazy, full schedule this semester.  […]