November 2014
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Nights at Hoover

Hoover library has been my second home here at McDaniel. There are five floors to this amazing library so there are all sorts of study areas one can choose. They have group study rooms, individual desk, and an assortment of tables. The options are endless!

My favorite spot is either on the first floor where […]

What’s Next?

As my reach my final weeks of being an undergraduate, I cannot stop thinking about the future. It’s happening. I’m going to the real world. As seniors, we have A LOT to think about. What job we want, where we want to live, how we’re going to budget our money.

Luckily, McDaniel has prepared me […]

Ed Burns

Tonight I was lucky enough to listen to a guest speaker who was the producer and screenwriter for the hit HBO series, The Wire. Ed Burns worked in both law enforcement and within the education system.

Burns has seen a lot and been through a lot throughout his life. He spoke about our society and […]

Cunningham Falls!

Maryland has some of the best hiking trails! Just the other day I ventured over to Cunningham Falls, which is near Frederick.The drive was only about 45  minutes so it was not too long.

The hike was about 4-5 miles and we hiked to a waterfall! It was amazing! Cunningham Falls is not the only […]

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know I did! I left school on Friday and headed home for the weekend! The drive was not too bad because I did not hit too much traffic, which is always a bonus!

When I arrived home I immediately ran to the snack cabinet…but no worries I […]