August 2014
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Green Terror Baseball

Baseball is undoubtedly my favorite sport, so of course I am a fan of the McDaniel Green Terror baseball team. Like the 22 other sports here, we compete in Division III in the Centennial Conference. Not does this conference denote teams that are all 100 years old and older, it is also the third smartest conference in [...]

Sustainable Volunteering

As today was International Pancake Day, my friends and I headed over to IHOP for a short stack of pancakes. Rather than paying the regular fee, guests are encouraged to make donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals after the meal. We entered the building at 10AM, and the walls were already covered with slips of [...]

McDaniel does social media

When you become a member of the McDaniel community, you’ll quickly learn that McDaniel College has a much bigger presence on social media than you might think. McDaniel has dozens of Facebook pages and Twitters associated with its various departments and organizations.

Here are some of the most interesting:

1. McDaniel College / @McDaniel College


The Pool is Where?

Finally, finally I have gotten back into the habit of swimming laps several times a week! I love swimming- was on summer swim team for seven years, but didn’t have the time to dedicate to being on the swim team here at McDaniel. I still love swimming, so when I first visited McDaniel, I thought [...]


Everyone thinks they understand tailgating. But do you understand McDaniel tailgating? As one of the last bowl shaped stadiums on the east coast, McDaniel tailgating is unique. Students, parents, alumni, and the community gather for not only football games, but for field hockey and lacrosse games too. Everyone fights for a prime position to park [...]