November 2014
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Little birthday things

This week, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I’m not into alcohol though, so even though most students would go out and enjoy their first legal alcoholic drink when they hit the big 2-1, I decided that it was okay not to. In fact, when my parents took me out to eat, alcohol was the last […]

A holiday guide to getting the McDaniel gear you want

Christmas has come and gone! I had a peaceful day spent at home with my family and I opened several very nice gifts, all while wearing my cozy purple flannel McDaniel pajama pants, a surprise Christmas gift from my mother two years ago.

By the time you get to McDaniel, you’ll probably want some McDaniel […]

Mother’s Day on the Hill

Last year, the spring semester ended just before Mother’s Day, so I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. But because of how the calendar played out this year, I am not able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this weekend.

Still, Mother’s Day was alive and well here on the Hill, […]

The Puzzle that is Book Buying

College kids always look for the cheapest price. Especially when it comes to buying books each semester. I currently have about 6 tabs open on my Google Chrome. The school bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CollegeBookRenter,, and Facebook. I always each each site and go with whichever has the book for the lowest price. […]

How I make textbooks affordable

One of your responsibilities as a college student will be ordering your own textbooks. I imagine that a lot of students dread ordering textbooks, but I embrace it since I like hunting for good bargains!

Before I go on, I will mention that some students have the cost of their textbooks covered by financial aid. […]