November 2014
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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Campus Community

The ultimate chocolate chip cookie :)

   As I toured colleges with my sister this past summer, I became even more acutely aware of why it is that I chose McDaniel. On those hot, sweaty, summer days traipsing in and out of stuffy, dank dorm rooms all across the state, while wistfully waiting […]

My Scientific Reasoning Behind Choosing McDaniel

I love when people ask me on tour why I chose McDaniel because my story is pretty unique. As a Senior touring many colleges, I was overwhelmed by all the information each one gave me about their student life, academics, and professors. I couldn’t take everything in at once. So I narrowed my focus down […]

From Cali to Maryland: A Cinderella Story

Beautiful beaches, cute boys, sunshine 24/7…isn’t that what California is all about? Palm trees everywhere you go, surf and sand. California is a dream, right? So the first question I get from everyone when they find out that I am from the Golden State is why on Earth would you ever leave California, one of […]

It’s important to take a break sometimes too…

Fall Break means changing leaves, beautiful Fall weather, time with family, and, most importantly, a break from the stress and rigor of school. For me it meant homework, studying, reading, and, most importantly, becoming a recluse so that I wouldn’t fall any further behind in my classes than I already had. I spent Friday and […]

Hey folks!

Now that the blog is officially live, I thought this would be a great opportunity to welcome you all and introduce myself a little. I’m glad you’re here, especially if you’re considering attending McDaniel!

My name is Annie, I’m a sophomore, and I’m an English major with a writing minor. I’m also a very proud […]