November 2014
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My Five Favorite Things About This Christmas, 2013

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and special holiday moments. Well, this Christmas was extra special for my family, and to honor that, here are five of my favorite things about this Christmas:

Cookie Baking! I’m not sure if other families are like mine, but we have always made a ton of cookies. This year, […]

Holidays in North Village

Since college students leave for break in the middle of December and before we leave we have finals, the holidays get celebrated at the beginning of the month.

Once everyone returned from Thanksgiving Break, it was time to break out the Christmas decorations and prepare for the holidays. This year, one of my roommate’s mom […]

For those who love choir music around the Holidays…

Never fear because every year the McDaniel Choir puts on a wonderful performance of a variety of Holiday Songs. From Silent Night, to international Holiday songs, even being sure to include a few songs for Hanukkah, they’ve got everyone covered. Last night’s performance was very pleasant. Dr. Boudreaux, the director of the choir, has a […]

Fall Fest!

McDaniel College really cares about our well being prior to and during finals week, and they show this by planning events to help students have fun and destress a little. Tonight, the Office of Residence Life (better known as Res Life), which is responsible for housing on campus, threw an indoor carnival-type thing in that […]

Papers and Projects and Presentations (Oh My!)

I love college and I love McDaniel college. But one of my least favorite things ever is coming back to campus after Thanksgiving break to wrap up fall semester. I have a lot of things that I need to work on over the next two and a half weeks. For the most part, these papers […]