September 2014
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Get liberal artsy: experiment!

It’s easy to slip into a routine here, with our classes and work and practice schedules. Here’s some advice: try to avoid routine. If a new club forms mid-semester, go. If someone invites you to see a speaker on a topic you know nothing about, go. If a class looks fascinating, take it, especially if [...]

Table Sitting

One of the ways to promote a club or campus event on campus is to have a table in Decker. Decker is the heart of the college, the center that every student walks through whether it be a short cut to class, on the way to getting a meal at one of three dining options, [...]

Fair: A Different Kind of Valentine.

This past week was involved Valentine’s Day as I’m sure you’re all aware (painfully or happily so), but my club, Advocacy Team helped it to be done a little bit differently…

As multiple “Valentine’s Day” tables sprung up around Decker College center selling everything from carnations to lollypops and who knows what else but their [...]

Joining new clubs

This semester, I’m trying to get involved with organizations that I haven’t been a part of before, since I’ve become less involved with organizations that I’ve been heavily involved in in the past.

Last night, I went to the first meeting of More Love Letters of the semester. It’s a brand new club on campus [...]

Sustainable Volunteering

As today was International Pancake Day, my friends and I headed over to IHOP for a short stack of pancakes. Rather than paying the regular fee, guests are encouraged to make donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals after the meal. We entered the building at 10AM, and the walls were already covered with slips of [...]