October 2014
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College Night Life

So other than typical drinking nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) one might wonder, what do students do after classes are over? Classes are finished around 4 p.m. (unless you have a night class). If you don’t play a sport during this season this leaves you with a lot of free time before bed, assuming that a [...]

Nighttime Happenings

As you probably guessed, students do much more than just their homework at night.

While homework takes a priority over other things (right, guys…?), students need a break too and there are lots of things to do in the evenings on campus.

Generally, campus groups and organizations will hold their meetings in the evening hours [...]


It is amazing the feats that people accomplish here on campus. I am constantly surprised by what events people manage to pull off. This morning I came across one such surprise. I was walking to the library and stumbled upon a group of tables outside of the dining hall.

It is not rare to see [...]

Get liberal artsy: experiment!

It’s easy to slip into a routine here, with our classes and work and practice schedules. Here’s some advice: try to avoid routine. If a new club forms mid-semester, go. If someone invites you to see a speaker on a topic you know nothing about, go. If a class looks fascinating, take it, especially if [...]

Table Sitting

One of the ways to promote a club or campus event on campus is to have a table in Decker. Decker is the heart of the college, the center that every student walks through whether it be a short cut to class, on the way to getting a meal at one of three dining options, [...]