September 2014
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Intramural Volleyball: Trying New Things

Let me just start this one by saying, I’m not very athletic. I’m pretty skinny and I guess you could say I’m toned but not extremely strong or coordinated so when it comes to playing sports at McDaniel, I’m not the first guy on anyone’s mind. I swam in highschool and I’ve always been [...]

Get Your Pancakes!

This weekend I helped establish and run the first Alpha Sigma Phi pancake sale we have ever had. Taking the idea from Res Life (Residence Life) and their pancake sale last semester, we thought that it might be a good way to make some money as well as get our name out in terms of [...]

Recruitment: Go Greek

Now if there’s anything a fraternity will teach you it’s that recruitment is a year round thing, it’s always a good time to extend a friendly hand to a potential new member. However, there are busier times than others in terms of grabbing the interest of prospectives and the past few weeks have been very [...]

What it means to fundraise…

Thursday, April 18th – Alpha Sig Buffalo Wild Wings night…be there. I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness I’m on top of my game with my job as Fundraising/Philanthropy Chair for my fraternity. Basically my job is to spawn and act on ideas for ways in which to raise money for the fraternity to donate [...]

A New Motto to Live By

Today was a dreary, bland, annoying day. One of those days where you can’t think about anything except turning around and climbing right back into bed and sleeping until Spring. Personally, I’ve always wished that we humans could hibernate like polar bears from the day after Christmas until the first day that it’s warm enough [...]