October 2014
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Fall Semester, Sophomore Year

A handful of my textbooks for the semester.

Hi there!

Teachers really can make or break classes, I have remembered in these first two weeks of classes. I’m an English/Political Science double major, but this year I’m going to take a lot of English classes and very few PoliSci classes–next year, I’m going abroad [...]

A Whole New World

I know that most people think it is really cheesy when someone says that McDaniel changes lives, but in all honesty, it really does. Almost everyday I see at least one way that this college has affected us as a McDaniel community. Whether it is through thought-provoking events or fun excursions off campus, we [...]

Your guide to buying novels for your lit class

Though McDaniel is a liberal arts college, most students aren’t required to take a literature class during their time on the Hill (though there is a component of the McDaniel Plan called “textual analysis,” which can be fulfilled by taking a course in literature, philosophy, foreign language, history, or a bunch of other things). However, [...]

Writing Time!

My biggest task today was finalizing the piece that I have to read for the induction into LIT, the Literature Honor’s Society here at McDaniel College. I wrote a poem for it that is called Nightwish that I really like. The idea actually started from the name I gave a club in the Vampire the [...]

I ❤ Day 2

Last night, one of my friends wrote “I ❤ DAY 2″ on the whiteboard on my door, and the idea kind of stuck with me (so much so that I decided to redecorate my whiteboard in its honor. It was also time for the drawing of the Christmas tree to go).

It’s been a fun [...]